Badlapur civic body to hire sweepers for schools

Aug 02, 2012, 07:17 IST | Kranti Vibhute

Exploited students of schools in Badlapur can breathe a sigh of relief after the municipal council has announced that it will be increasing the number of sweepers in the wards for clean up duty.

This newspaper carried a story ‘Students forced to sweep floors’ on July 26, where students of municipal schools had been forced into sweeping before hitting the books each day.

MiD DAY’s report on July 26

The council called a general body meeting after the report made headlines, where it was decided that an additional number of sweepers would be employed, which includes all Nagar Parishad schools.

Ashish Damle, a ward corporator of Badlapur Municipal Council and chairman of the education committee, said, “It was decided to increase the number of sweepers in each ward. Currently, there are five to six sweepers in each ward. After the move, sweepers will also clean Nagar Parishad schools.”

The parent of a student said that she is happy with the decision.

“This decision will bring a huge relief to all the kids who are tasked with going to school an hour early to sweep the floors of school building everyday.”

Sushant Lad (name changed) a student of same school, said, “At least the students will now spend that time studying, instead of rushing to school just to sweep the floors.”

This newspaper reported that students from Std I to VII were made to come to school an hour early each day to sweep classrooms. The school claimed that they were forced to resort to such methods as the municipal authority had failed to provide the school with sweepers.  

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