Baig faints and falls after sentencing

Apr 19, 2013, 07:11 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Police personnel escorting him out of court, revived him and took him to the lockup

As Additional Sessions Judge NP Dhote announced the quantum of punishment, Himayat Baig quivered and then burst into tears. However, a police constable who was standing near the dock supported him from behind.

Broken man: Baig also broke down in court several times during the sentencing.Pic Krunal Gosavi

After the sentencing, Baig was asked to sit on a bench in the court, where he bowed his head and sat silently for a long time.

When the cops were escorting him out of the court, he suddenly fainted and sunk to the floor. Police personnel immediately fetched water from a nearby tap and sprinkled it on his face. They later lifted him and propped him up while walking towards the court lockup.

Baig’s relatives were not present in court yesterday. When contacted, his brother Tariq Baig said there is no specific reason for their not coming to the city to hear the sentencing and iterated that they would approach the High Court soon as they know that he (Himayat Baig) is innocent and has been falsely implicated in the case.  

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