Bake it your way

Jun 28, 2012, 12:54 IST | Anjali Jhangiani

It's time to put on your aprons and bake some scrumptious cakes with the help of a course in baking, slated to begin in the city from July 2.

No matter if you are a novice when it comes to cooking. If you have the inclination, you are eligible to be part of the short-term course in baking, which has been launched by The Red Carpet Hotel and Culinary Academy. The course that is spread over nine weeks will help people learn how to bake stuffed buns, dinner rolls, focaccia, croissants and many more things.

"The aim of the course is to teach people, how to bake like a pro. We will not be stressing on only breads. We will also be teaching baking enthusiasts the recipes to make cheesecakes, puddings, muffins and other items," reveals Chef Anand Angari, head for Culinary and Bakery, Red Carpet Hotel and Culinary Academy.

The workshop will be conducted by Chef Pankaj Deshpande who is the Bakery Instructor at the Red Carpet Hotel and Culinary Academy. "Chef Deshpande has hands on experience at Baker's Basket for over three years. He is very particular about presentation. He will be giving tips on presentation for the recipes for various occasions. A whole ring of cake will be presented in a manner different from the wedge or slice of cake that you are served at a restaurant. One needs to know how to dress your food up for every occasion," explains Chef Angari.

Procedure to make a chocolate cake will also be shared

The workshops are open for anyone who would like to learn how to bake. Past experience in cooking or baking is not required. "We don't restrict enrollment for professionals only. We invite home-makers, students and basically everyone who wants to learn this art to enroll for the workshops," says Chef Angari.

The directors of the academy, Ravish Arora and Rajendra Kelshikar, who own restaurants like Polka Dots, Baker's Basket and the newly opened Incognito, are known to have delightful and lip-smacking desserts in all their joints.

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