Balcony to the mediterranean

Apr 01, 2013, 03:35 IST | Kanika Sharma

Oshiwara has opened up a new balcony into the Mediterranean. This foodie from The GUIDE embarked on an adventurous across-the-seas journey of taste at the Blu Balcony that had more hits than misses

A day off bang in the middle of the week deserves a unique distraction, so we decided to swim bravely against the congestion tide of the suburbs and make it to the Blu Balcony in Oshiwara. The blue neon light sign greeted us glaringly in the eye but avoiding the pinch we walked into the place expecting beautiful shades of aqua to wash off our traffic-induced fatigue. The heavy wrought iron benches with strange chocolate brown upholstery jutted out during the first sweep of the eye.

Lamb Moussaka: a speciality of the restaurant. Pics/Shadab Khan

The courteous staff approached us reassuring that the outlet is hardly a week old. The interiors of the pub finally proved to be heartening with the right kind of oomph factor. But could we say that the gleeful ambiance of the neighbour – Chez Moi faded the gleaming new energy that the Balcony was supposed to invite? Still, the place has its crowd-pulling magnet on with the happy month (it’s throughout April, relax). While the partner decided to make the best of the situation by ordering a Whiskey (one plus one free, duh!) (Rs 157) we wanted the bartender to surprise us with a concoction. The Bartender’s Special or the Blue Sea (Rs 227) was azure and tangy to gulp.

Bartender’s Special: The Blue Drink

Famished, we ordered Croquettes de Polo (Rs 207) — a mixture of shredded chicken, eggs, sautéed onions, parsley, mozzarella cream cheese sauce and light seasoning, to accompany our drinks. By the time those fat unctuous rolls arrived, we were slow-mo-ing the lovelies, because the sour cream and the croquettes were crumblinglicious good!

Taking it to be the day of being adventurous, we ordered the Lamb Moussaka (Rs 417). A Moussaka is a sight to behold as it is usually minced meat that is oven-baked with veggies, predominantly eggplants, seasoned with herbs and cooked in red wine sauce. On top of it are two kinds of cheese cooked until golden brown. The elaborate dish arrived. Served on a flame, it nudged our curiosity. Lasagna-ish, the casserole was packed with bagfuls of taste but lacked the textured flavour.

The next addition was Grilled Chicken in Creamy Curry Sauce (Rs 307), pegged to us by the waiter. The cream cheese sauce spotted with myriad kind of herbs sassed up our palate. However, as soon as we sliced into our birdie, it literally oozed out red bloody pain that made us desert it for its own good (and ours) — the first real bump on an otherwise smooth road.

Finally, hoping to end on a comforting note, we opted for the Hot Chocolate Pot with Caramelised Hazelnuts (Rs 207) that promptly arrived, all gooey and dense flavoured. Although quite sated, the rocky ride home seemed smoother than what one’s poor stomach had at this newbie.  

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