Balotelli shows off toned physique in purple undie on Spanish holiday

Jul 18, 2012, 17:32 IST | ANI

Mario Balotelli makes news yet again off the field. This time for one of his antics in Spain.

Mario Balotelli lapped up the sunshine and the attention from the ladies as he strutted around in just his briefs while holidaying in Spain.

The 21-year-old striker walked around outside his apartment in Ibiza wearing a pair of tight purple underpants as he showed off his toned torso.

The Man City ace is never normally modest or shy but, he made sure he was adequately covered before leaving his apartment.

The Italian international pulled on a pair of white Hollister beach shorts before deciding to slip out of the purple pants in favour of something more fashionable, the Daily Mail reported.

Mario Balotelli. Photo: AFP

He completed the next phase of his modelling aspirations by donning a pair of Emporio Armani boxer trunks, exactly like David Beckham once wore.

With his new more stylish underwear on, Balotelli was ready to mingle with the bevy of female admirers who were eager to get close to him.

He moved seamlessly between groups of women who all appeared happy to chat to him and his entourage of friends.

Balotelli was spotted chatting to a curvy blonde who had clearly been working on her tan and played with her hair as the soccer star stopped to talk.

The sultry female looked fabulous in a red two-piece bikini and accessorised with a large gold bracelet as she lay in the sunshine.

A suitably impressed Balotelli didn’t hang around with her for too long, however, and moved on to another group of females.

With his best mates in tow, and now sporting a luminous baseball cap, Balotelli posed for photographs with some of the girls.

One eager fan was even spotted stroking Balotelli’s chest as he watched on smiling widely and laughing out loud.

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