Band takes Blues head on

Jul 11, 2013, 02:09 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

From potholes to lovers' tiffs, and from traffic jams to Sachin Tendulkar, catch the Mihir Joshi Band today as they sing songs about everyday problems faced by Indians

From Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock to HardcoreMetal, and everything in between, the Mihir Joshi Band is influenced by almost every genre of music. It promises something similar when the act performs in the city for the first time on Thursday.

Singer Mihir Joshi
singer Mihir Joshi

Led by former RJ and TV anchor, Mihir Joshi on the vocals, the line-up includes Sanju Aguiar on guitar, Ishaan Krishna on bass and Virendra Kaith on drums. All the members come with varied influences -- something which is very visible in their music as well -- and have been part of the lineup of some of the most popular Indian acts.

Mihir Joshi band
Members of the Mihir Joshi band

“We are excited about it (the performance),” says Joshi, adding, “We will be singing songs that every body will enjoy; even if he/she does not understand Rock music. It will be mostly fromour album -- Mumbai Blues -- that will be released by September.”

The Mihir Joshi Band is a special project of Joshi, who first tried his hand at RJing, anchoring and various other professions, before starting the band with the other three members of the group.

And their upcoming album, Mumbai Blues, Joshi believes, will play a crucial role in establishing their identity as a group. The album, which was slated to release earlier this year (March 2013), talks about the everyday problems faced by people in the country. “Right from potholes to girlfriend-boyfriend trouble.

So, there are songs on love, heartbreak, traffic jams, potholes and even Sachin Tendulkar. Basically all the things that give a regular Indian the blues,” he adds.

About the band
>> Mumbai Blues will be their first album.
>> Bassist Krishna and guitarist Aguiar perform together as part of the band -- The Hoodwink Circle. Krishna is part of the line-up of Bhayanak Maut and Modern Mafia, whereas Aguiar also performs with Devoid.
>> Mihir and Aguiar perform together as part of the band Bombay Rock Project.
>> Virendra Kaith on the other hand is part of the extreme Metal band Demonic Resurrection and also performs with Scribe.  

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