Bandra patisserie offers organic ice-creams with quirky flavours

Jul 23, 2015, 08:00 IST | Krutika Behrawala

Tired of the regular choco-chip? Get a taste of bacon and blue cheese in your ice creams at Caramel Carousel, a takeaway patisserie that packs these innovative flavours in their artisanal and organic ice creams

Ws’ve had foodgasms at the thought of digging into yummy bacon in ice cream each time we’ve ogled at photographs of bacon ice creams on international food portals. So, imagine our delight when we heard that Caramel Carousel, a new takeaway patisserie in Bandra, would be serving this ingredient in its ice creams. The brainchild of Alyssa Chesson and Rishabh Varma, who are armed with degrees from Le Cordon Bleu London, this cheery patisserie in Bandra serves preservative and artificial stabiliser-free organic milk ice creams. They also serve salted caramel jars, cheesecakes and profiteroles, that are stacked into foot-long croquembouche, a French dessert that caught the city’s fancy in previous seasons of MasterChef Australia.

Milk Chocolate Bacon ice cream was heavenly. Pics/Shadab Khan

Pretty and pink
With the owners only serving made-to-order desserts, we booked our ride on this carousel in advance. Located near Mehboob studio, we reached the patisserie only to find that it was actually a kitchen that the owners worked out of. Neatly stocked and comprising high-tech churning and mixing appliances (in pretty pink), we loved the cutesy vibe it presented. We were told that all the ice creams are served only in tubs and with egg-less options. We began our tasting with the highly anticipated Milk Chocolate Bacon (Rs 600 for each 500 ml tub) ice cream. With crunchy grilled bacon crisps blended in the rich and milky chocolate, the ice cream had a slightly piquant and smoky aftertaste but it complempented the chocolate so well. The owners also offer a tiny bag of crispies that one can add as topping on the ice cream. We added some more in our scoop and relished the crunch better. Thanks to this, we have another reason to love bacon. Next, we took a dig of Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. Silky smooth and with not-too-bitter chocolate, the heavenly scoop featured the right amount of sea salt.

A box of assorted profiteroles
A box of assorted profiteroles

Say cheese
Next, we reached out for Blue Cheese Honey, another unique offering but before we could dig in, the owners egged us to sample their other offerings as the ice cream would leave a strong aftertaste making our palette inaccessible to other flavours. We settled for the profiteroles. Offering assorted boxes of profiteroles (Rs 600 for a box of 12), the choux pastries come filled with flavours like Salted Caramel, Mango Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Baileys, Coffee and Vanilla. As soon as we popped one of these thumb-sized profiteroles, a burst of flavour greeted us. We tried the salted caramel, coffee and Baileys. The salted caramel one tasted the best. However. we’d have preferred a little more flavour in the fillings to make up for the bland pastry.

Finally, the Blue Cheese Honey ice cream arrived, and our faith in the eclectic chefs was restored. The sweetness of the honey levelled the saltiness of the blue cheese, yet the distinct flavours lingered with us long after we exited the patisserie. Irresistible and definitely, worth an encore.

At: Savia Building, Rebello Road, near Mehboob Studio, Bandra (W).
Call: 9833645888

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