Bandra road to get safety railings

Jan 12, 2014, 14:09 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

MSRDC officials promise to reinstall missing safety railings on the Bandra Reclamation road that runs parallel to the seaside promenade, within the next few days. These railings act as buffers, and make sure cars involved in accidents do not crash into people inside the park

Those driving down the Bandra Reclamation road towards the Bandra-Worli sea link will soon be relieved in the knowledge that in the unforeseen eventuality of an accident, their vehicles will now have a strong buffer and not run the risk of crashing into those strolling inside the promenade.

There is more good news in store for reclamation residents: they will also be rid of debris that has been piling up outside their homes and on roads for the past few months.

Safety railings are missing at Bandra Reclamation area, which can prove dangerous for pedestrians. Pic/ Satyajit Desai 

A few months after MiD DAY wrote about how the lack of safety railings on a long stretch of road in Bandra reclamation was putting the lives of motorists at risk (Missing safety railings make Reclamation a dangerous zone, November 2, 2013) Minister-in-charge of Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) Jaydatta Kshirsagar has instructed his department to install the safety railings at the earliest and also to keep a hawk’s eye to ensure no one dumps debris on the road.

Kshirsagar told Sunday MiD DAY, “I have already told the concerned officials to make sure that safety railings in the stretch ofthe west bound road are installed at the earliest.” Safety railings are usually installed on flyovers or on relatively elevated roadsas buffers that prevent vehicles from crashing into the park in cases of high-speed accidents or if a car spirals out of control. In case of the elevated Reclamation road, cars run the risk off careering off the road and plunging into the sea, in case of an accident.

Last November MiD DAY had reported about how the lack of safety railings was putting the lives of motorists at risk

In October, SMD had visited the stretch to report that the railings on the westbound stretch near the promenade had gone missing from at least two places.

The reclamation area, particularly the stretch under the flyover leading to the Sea Link, often sees cars whizzing past at over 80kmph. Several people also visit the promenade for their morning and evening walks. The absence of safety railings therefore, was a threat to both motorists on the road above and those out on a leisurely walk in the seaside promenade.

MiD DAY had also reported about the illegal dumping of construction material and debris just a few metres away on the Mahim seafront. “We have been asked by higher authorities to keep a tab on any illegal dumping that takes place here, particularly late at night. We have posted private security guards at the location and they will see to it that dumping doesn’t happen. We are making sure our own employees are present to prevent any wrongdoing,” said a MSRDC official.

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