Bandra society parking lot turns into servant quarters

Sep 09, 2013, 06:59 IST | Chetna Yerunkar

Resident alleges that the society has been having several irregularities in its functioning; despite repeated complaints, no action has been taken

A resident of a Bandra housing society has written to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, complaining that the society has been having several irregularities in its functioning. Aziz Shroff, a businessman, who resides in Flat 31 of Ashiyana society in Bandra (W) and is a member of the society, has written in his letter to the CM that the society has been functioning without a treasurer for the past seven years. Despite bringing this to the notice of The Registrar, Co-operative Societies several times, no action has been taken.

The first floor parking lot at Ashiyana Society in Bandra is allegedly being used as servant quarters

Apart from this, Shroff has also complained that the first floor of the building, which is allotted as parking space for cars, is being used as servant quarters. According to Shroff, V R Shariff, the society secretary is responsible, “I feel that Shariff owns the whole building because he does what he wants. We have not had a treasurer for the society for the past seven years.

On top of that, he has converted the first floor parking into servants’ quarters. I have written to the BMC to come and check the irregularities, but to no avail,” said Shroff, who was the former treasurer of the society. This compelled him to write a letter to the CM, dated August 30, hoping that some action will be taken. Shroff feels the secretary has his way, because he owns the most number of flats in the building, which has a total of 16 flats.

Secretary responds
But the society secretary dismisses these claims. Clarifying on the matter, V R Shariff said, “There are no irregularities. The parking space is open for cars but the drivers use it to take a nap or sleep at night. These are all false allegations by a man who never attends society meetings. It’s true that our society doesn’t have a treasurer. But we are a small society and we can manage our affairs without a treasurer.”

Talking further about the allegations, Shariff said, “I do have 7 flats in the society, and if Shroff feels there are irregularities, he should get the signatures of four other members of the society who agree to his claims. Only then will I agree that we’re not functioning properly.”

Interestingly, the parking area has cupboards put up everywhere. There are jute bags and clothes kept for drying in the area. The area doesn’t seem to be enclosed but, at the same time, is used by servants throughout the day. The flooring too is quite unusual for a car parking area. Shroff alleged that there were no cars in the parking area, and Shariff’s cars were being parked in the compound.

Chairman speaks
Senior Advocate Majeed Memon, the Chairman of the society, said, “I am formally the Chairman of the society but due to my busy schedule, I hardly have any time to look into the working of the society. I have been residing in Delhi for the past two years and spend only one day in a week in Mumbai. However, to the best of my knowledge and observations, the first floor of Ashiyana has not been used for parking since its very inception in 2002. Aziz Shroff seems to have some serious personal grievances with the Secretary. As far as the legitimate demands of Shroff are concerned, they will be seriously examined and remedied.” 

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