Banker throws himself under a train over loans

Jan 31, 2013, 07:48 IST | Shiva Devnath

57-year-old manager laid down on the tracks at Mira Road after his bank told him he wouldn't get pension benefits unless he paid off the crores he had loaned to sham firms

A 57-year-old manager of a bank committed suicide on Wednesday morning by allowing a train to run over him at Mira Road. Vilas Narsale worked for a nationalised bank at its branch at Ramdev Park in the far western suburb and lived with his family in Thane.

According to the railway police officers, Narsale was going to retire from his post next year. Bank officials said he had sanctioned loans worth crores to some fictitious vehicle-leasing and financing firms, which did not repay them. The bank authorities then demanded that Narsale settle the debt, and allegedly told him he would not get his retirement fund if he did not pay up. Fearing action, a harried Narsale ended his life.

Life cut short: The railway tracks near Mira Road station where Narsale killed himself

The police officers said that on Wednesday, Narsale reported to his Mira Road workplace at 11 am and after 10 minutes, told his colleagues he was going to the Churchgate head office. He then went to the tracks some distance farther from platform one at Mira Road railway station and laid himself across them.

Within seconds, a speeding local ran over him, cutting him into pieces.

An officer of the Government Railway Police at Vasai said that after the police searched his body, they found a one-way ticket from Mira Road to Churchgate and his bank ID card. “After we were able to identify him, we informed the bank of his death. We have registered a case of accidental death and are investigating the case,” said the officer.

Cops identified his body by his bank ID card

Narsale is survived by his wife, also a banker, and two daughters, one of whom is studying in a London college while the other stays with them at Kopar in Thane.

Narsale’s wife reached the spot and confirmed that the deceased was her husband. A close friend of his was present at the spot and said Narsale had appeared worried of late regarding the loan recovery. “He told me that the bank management had given him a notice, regarding the loans he had sanctioned to fictitious firms, that unless the loans were recovered, Narsale would not get his pension and benefits,” he said.

The police are in the process of recording the statements of the bank management and the family to confirm that Narsale had committed suicide. 

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