Banks wake up to the need of securing ATM booths in Pune

Jun 26, 2014, 07:45 IST | A Correspondent

Three popular banks hire a security firm to provide them CCTV cameras, other surveillance equipment to keep watch

Considering the growing need for securing ATM booths, three major banks have decided to install top-notch surveillance systems at their ATM centres across the city. Punjab National Bank, Federal Bank and HDFC Bank have decided to hire Zicom Electronic Security Systems to provide round-the-clock security cover to their cash machines under the Electronic Security as a Service (ESaaS) programme.


How the system works
Under EsaaS, special high-resolution cameras will be installed at the unmanned ATM centres. Besides, the booths will be equipped with 24x7 alarm system that will alert a central command centre whenever a miscreant tries to tamper with any ATM, cheque drop box or air conditioners, among other paraphernalia.

On being alerted, operators at the command centre will first survey the ATM booth through the surveillance system, and if required, initiate a two-way communication to deter miscreants from damaging the ATM centre.

If the miscreants refuse to budge, the centre will trigger the local hooter and activate an emergency response service team (ERST).

This team will be the first to reach the spot and depending on the situation at the ATM booth, will call for police, fire brigade or medical backup immediately.

“We have quick response teams on standby to respond to such situations. It will cost the banks anywhere between R4,000 to R9,000 per ATM,” said Pramoud Rao, founder-managing director, Zicom.

“In order to plug loopholes in the existing ATM security system, this unique system to monitor ATMs, 24x7, via command centre through video surveillance and two-way voice communication has been launched. Any alarm from the ATM centre is communicated to the command centre in real time, which will activate the task force to swing into action to control the situation within minutes.”

Additional services
Besides providing security services, the firm will also monitor the fire alarm system through the 24x7 command centre.

Other services provided include a headcount of visitors, check-in time and attendance via cloud monitoring system.

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