Banner alerts Kalyan woman of her boyfriend's wedding plans to another

May 03, 2015, 07:50 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Girlfriend lodges rape case against to-be groom and alerts the bride’s family, who will now register a cheating case against the man, who is currently absconding

The Bajarpeth police cordoned off a wedding altar in Kongaon in Kalyan yesterday.

They were waiting for a groom who fled from his wedding ceremony after his girlfriend registered a rape case against him soon after she learnt that he was to wed another woman.

FIR report

Accused Sachin Salsee is a small-time soft-drink manufacturer and a resident of Durgadi fort area in Kalyan. “I saw a banner, which stated he was getting married. I was surprised because he was having an affair with me.

When I questioned him about it he lied to me,” said the victim, who was involved in a relationship with Salsee for the past five years. The victim approached the cops and registered a rape case against the accused Salsee on Friday. “As soon as he came to know that I had registered a case, he abandoned the bride and fled from the ceremony with his parents on Saturday afternoon,” said the victim.

“We informed the bride’s father that the groom fled because we had registered a rape case against him. Now, the bride’s father is also planning to lodge a cheating case against the groom,” said PR Borude, sub inspector of Bajaarpeth police station.

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