Bar girl robbed chains to keep 20 lovers happy

Sep 28, 2012, 06:45 IST | Shiva Devnath

To ensure that her young boyfriends didn't leave her, the accused would take them to posh hotels and treat them

A 25-year-old girl who was recently arrested by the railway police for snatching gold chains on suburban trains has told cops that she committed the crime to keep her 20 boyfriends content, so that they wouldn’t dump her. 

Reshma Sheikh
Quick hands: During investigations, it was revealed that Reshma Sheikh was prolific in snatching chains from ladies’ compartments in local trains. Representation pic

Her boyfriends, according to cops, were between the ages of 17 and 20. Kurla GRP arrested Reshma Sheikh alias Yasmeen (25) and her accomplice Saira Sheikh, both bar girls, last week from Cheetah Camp, Trombay.

During the course of investigations, it came to light that Reshma and Saira worked as a team, and were prolific in snatching chains in local trains, having about 50 cases registered against them. The police, however, are having a tough time recovering the loot claiming that since the two accused are habitual offenders, they aren’t revealing the names of the jewellers they have sold their booty to.

According to the police, Reshma is the mastermind. To continue her romps with her lovers and so that they didn’t leave her, she took to robbing chains. Cops said that Reshma used to take them to lodges and posh hotels to impress them, lavishly spending the money made from selling robbed chains.

While giving details on the modus operandi, cops said that the duo would board the ladies compartments, and hunt for a commuter wearing plenty of jewellery. After a few minutes, they would get involved in an argument with the commuter over a trivial issue. While one of the accused continued the quarrel, even manhandling the unsuspecting victim, the other would snatch the chains. The entire fracas was so elaborate that it was timed with the slow movement of the train, so that they could easily leap out of the train when it approached or exited a platform. “We have them in custody,” said Shivaji Dhumal, senior police inspector with Kurla GRP. 

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