Bargirl gets patrons drunk, loots them at lodge

Sep 06, 2012, 08:43 IST | Shiva Devnath

A bargirl was arrested for allegedly robbing several drunk patrons and then fleeing with their valuables while at a lodge, after enticing them at the Dahisar bar she was working in.

Police state that following her arrest Rashida Harshad Goin (24) confessed to duping several patrons similarly, but said none of them had come forward and lodged complaints out of shame.

Rashida Harshad, Bargirl
Con girl: Bargirl Rashida Harshad Goin confessed to duping several patrons, but said none have come forward to lodge complaints out of shame. Pic/Nimesh Dave

The incident came to light after Vitthal Narayan Shelar (52), had lodged a complaint with the police that a girl had robbed him of jewellery worth Rs 4 lakh, after he gave her a lift in a rickshaw last week.

According to the complaint filed by Shelar, he left his home on August 27 with jewellery worth Rs 4 lakh with the intention of selling it, as he desperately needed the money. As soon as he reached the National Park area in Borivli (E), he saw a girl crying on the road.

Shelar immediately ordered the rickshaw driver to halt, and gave her a lift after enquiring of her plight.

The complaint states that while Shelar was carrying the other bags, Rashida took the jewellery bag and left.

When Shelar reached home, he realised that the jewellery bag was missing. He did not approach the cops, but took the onus of tracing her himself. After he couldn’t locate her for three days, on August 30, he approached the Kasturba Marg police.

After receiving his complaint, the police immediately launched a hunt to trace Rashida and arrested her near Borivli railway station on Sunday.
According to the police, Rashida used to take her victims to a lodge after they drank heavily at the bar.

After reaching the lodge, Rashida used to threaten them and take all their belongings and flee. In her confession to the cops, Rashida stated that Shelar was also a victim of her rip-off. He too was swindled of his valuables at the lodge, after he had accompanied her. According to Rashida, he concocted a false story to prevent his name from getting tarnished.

Pradeep Raorane, assistant police inspector with Kasturba Marg police station, said, “After arresting Rashida, she confessed that she had duped several people in a similar fashion. Her confession brought out many details, and we are investigating the matter.”

Police are now locating victims, who were duped by Rashida. 

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