Batman or Superman? Mumbaikars pick their favourite superhero

Mar 25, 2016, 09:24 IST | Dipanjan Sinha

As the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel face off on the big screen, we compel Mumbaikars to choose one over the other

It’s got to be Superman. Built-in flight, strength and laser vision features.

Batman and Superman

He is Superman even when naked; Batman wears a costume, carries weapons and is, at times, guided by revenge.

Monish Moorthy, 28, digital marketer
Monish Moorthy, 28, digital marketer

Batman is self-made and does not come with super human powers. He is vulnerable and more real; he is believable. Also he is a techie, that draws my attention.

Deepan Dasgupta 29, consultant
Deepan Dasgupta. 29, consultant

Batman. He just looks a lot cooler with the gadgets, suits, vehicles and has an interesting back-story.

Radhika Sen 31, manager, insurance company
Radhika Sen. 31, manager, insurance company

Batman! He’s human (besides being a superhero brat and crazy rich). The characters around him (Alfred, Lucius and especially, the villains) are interesting too. His gadgets are super cool. Plus, I’m a night person. Enough said.

Madhurima Roy 26, video editor
Madhurima Roy. 26, video editor

Though I’m a fan of the grounded and human Superman, I side with Batman. As we saw in Man of Steel, the Zack Snyder-version, Superman caused collateral damage by fighting in the middle of Metropolis; so Batman acts as an equaliser to someone who has God-like powers and who doesn’t have the maturity that his comic book version did. There’s also the powerful female character Wonder Woman, for us ladies.

Siddhi Desai
Siddhi Desai. 22, journalism student

Batman. It’s man versus god (superhuman). I pick man

Shomik Roy. 23, manager, courier company

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