BBMP commissioner miffed with BMTF chief

Published: Nov 22, 2011, 06:41 IST | Yacoob Mohammed |

The ongoing cold war between the two officials is allegedly hampering the probe into the Rs 3,200-crore fund misappropriation scam as well as investigations into last Saturday's fire incident at the BMTF station

The ongoing cold war between the two officials is allegedly hampering the probe into the Rs 3,200-crore fund misappropriation scam as well as investigations into last Saturday's fire incident at the BMTF station

Investigations into the TVCC report, which nailed three constituencies for misuse of funds to the tune of Rs 3,200 crore, appears to be getting derailed as the BBMP and Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force (BMTF) are at loggerheads.

While BBMP Commissioner H Siddaiah claims that no officials spoke to him after the fire incident despite asking, BMTF Chief Rajvir P Sharma said that he does not need to inform him

BBMP Commissioner H Siddaiah's and BMTF Chief Rajvir P Sharma's apparent dislike for each other appears to be an impediment to investigations into the scam.
Also, the ongoing cold-shoulder approach by the two officials is allegedly hampering investigations into last weekend's fire incident at the BMTF station.

While palike officials might have been under the impression that the fire fanned the feud, others are slowly realizing that Siddaiah's anger stems from the fact that he has never been able to engage Sharma in any sort of conversation.
Now, as the reasons become apparent, many have begun to frown upon the miscommunication between two officials crucial to the outcome of both investigations.

As the scam broke, the BBMP, which had drawn flak from all quarters, did everything the proper way - from stopping allotment of tenders to fresh contractors to directing the concerned engineers to bring along files pertaining to the scam.
The case was then handed over to BMTF as per orders from the Urban Development Department, after BBMP Commissioner H Siddaiah had appraised higher-ups in the state government about the matter.

Following this, 58 files of the 158 given to BMTF were scrutinized, which only happened after this newspaper exposed the TVCC report.

'Deeply hurt'
The BBMP commissioner may have turned the palike around and for a whole year, he conducted night rounds to check illegal dumping, road cutting and was also responsible for cost cutting in the BBMP.

As part of the cost cutting measure, Siddaiah cancelled 58 cars and 600 mobile phones of BBMP officials. Also, when he sensed funds were being misappropriated in three constituencies he ordered a probe.
Though he handed over the report to BMTF, he was reportedly sent notices in return to answer about financial misappropriation in BBMP.

"We did everything and filed a report of misappropriation, but this man dared to send notices to honest man like me. I feel very hurt by this," said Siddaiah.

The BBMP commissioner added that after the fire incident last week, BMTF officials did not even consider speaking to him about the matter. Though he made effort to strike a conversation with the BMTF chief, his efforts were in vain, he claims.

'No need for contact'
The BMTF chief who is probing the TVCC report scam, which nailed Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Malleshwaram and Gandhinagar, did not want to express his views on the commissioner's reaction.
Sharma claims that his only concern is about the Urban Development Department, "There is no need for me to have any contact with the commissioner of BBMP. I have been assigned a job by Urban Development Department and I will report to them" he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor S Harish remained a neutral observer and revealed that the BBMP commissioner is emotionally hurt. Also, the BMTF has sent notices to Siddaiah in this regard 3 days ago.

"We have never seen such a person in the BBMP. The BMTF chief is not coordinating with the BBMP commissioner and instead had sent notices to him," said Harish.

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