BCCI asks franchises to bear rehab costs of IPL-related injuries

Apr 22, 2013, 17:46 IST | PTI

Indian cricketers who sustain injuries during the Indian Premier League will now have to depend on their respective franchise to bear the costs of their rehabilitation at the National Cricket Academy (NCA).

The NCA Committee during its meeting in Chennai on Monday decided that franchises have to bear rehab costs of IPL related injuries.

The NCA Committee members expressed the opinion that austerity measures needed to be taken in a bid to put an end to the ever-spiralling costs.

"It has been decided that from now on that the respective franchise or the player himself will have to bear the cost of his rehabilitation program at the National Cricket Academy in case the player sustains injury during the Indian Premier League," a BCCI official preferring anonymity told PTI on Monday.

It had been learnt that the BCCI was shelling out a whopping amount to the tune of Rs 5.5 crore in order to pay the salaries of their coaching and administrative staff at the academy. From 12-member support staff that was employed till date, the list has been pruned to six. 

According to sources, the three coaches who will remain in the BCCI pay rolls are bowling coach Bharath Arun, batting coach Dinesh Nanavati and coaches' instructor Kinjal Suratwala. The three other members of the support staff will be two physios Ashish Kaushik and Nitin Patel along with trainer Sudarshan.

Asked about the six other members of the support staff, the source said, "From now on, they will only be summoned if there is a camp or a tournament. It will be more of a freelance employment which will be assignment-based."

The BCCI's NCA committee also trimmed the proposed budget of Rs 85 lakh to Rs 64 lakh for a National U-16 camp.

Even the proposal to hire five foreign coaches was shot down while former players will be invited from now on to conduct short clinics.

There has also been a proposal to rollback the salaries of the NCA administrative staff.

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