Almost there: Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet

Feb 12, 2014, 11:23 IST | Hassan M Kamal

With its unique build and 18-hour battery back-up, the Yoga 8 easily stands out from the crowd, but lags behind in matching up with the performance

True to its name, the Yoga 8 tablet from Lenovo offers a comfortable user experience. An 18-hour battery back-up adds to the charm. But at 22K, is it the best you can get? Let’s find out:

What we liked

Battery: The 18-hour battery time is unbeatable. One recharge gives you enough juice to go on a weekend vacation, watch three-four movies, browse for another 7-8 hours, come back, and use it again.
User interface: The Yoga 8 comes with its own user interface. And it’s not a few tweaks, but a complete makeover, offering a much-needed break from other Android tablets.

Handling and display: With 178 degrees angle of view and three modes of viewing — stand, tilt and hold, each with their own pre-set brightness and colour — it offers a great multimedia experience.

Camera: The Yoga 8 comes with a 1.6MP front camera offering the best picture clarity we have seen in this range. The rear camera is a 5MP with HDR.
Connectivity: The Yoga 8 comes with 3G support. But it also raises the question on the battery back-up. It also supports 64GB external SD card.

What we didn’t like

Slow processing: Lenovo has definitely done an impressive job with the battery, but when it comes to real-life tasks like browsing — the Yoga 8 struggles. One could easily blame it on the low 1GB DDR2 RAM, which considering the size of apps today, is really low. But the 1.2 GHz MT 8389 quad core processor also fails to meet normal gaming needs.

Poor screen resolution: The resolution of the 8-inch screen (1280x800) at a density of 189 ppi. It’s not that you can’t work around it, but put it next to the 323 ppi Nexus 7 Wifi (priced almost the same), and you can’t stop feeling jealous.

Overall, the Yoga 8 tablet could have been more appealing, if only Lenovo had not compromised on the processing power and the screen.

Available at:

Quick specs

Processor: 1.2Ghz MT8389
Memory: 16 Gb (12.87 GB available); 1GB (RAM), expandable up to 64 GB
Camera: 5MP (rear) 1.6 MP (front)
Display Type: 8-inch HD (1280x800), 189ppi
Operating System: Jelly bean 4.2
Price: Rs 21,999

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