Be a muddy commando

Feb 03, 2013, 09:17 IST | Moeena Halim

Asia's first MUD RUSH race, built on the lines of the army endurance test, over 7 kilometres to be held near city on Feb 9

Crawl under a barbed wire fence, scale the wall of shame, jump across a double ditch, make it past the cliff-hanger and cross a 100 ft trap of tyres. If you are craving for some action that’s challenging and more importantly, promises to be oodles of fun, then Mud Rush is sure to give you an adrenaline rush!
No, it’s quite not a military recruitment camp. But you could well pretend that it is, because the seven km obstacle-ridden ‘Mud Rush’, designed by retired Indian Army Captain Swaminathan, does a pretty good imitation of boot camp. Capt Swaminathan and his team own the Z-Bac Adventure Institute is hosting the Rush.

“Everything is the same that you see in a commando drill,” promises the captain, “except that it is scaled down for civilians.” For instance, while a wall of shame for military men would be 12-15 ft high, at Kolad participants are expected to scale only about 6 to 8 ft. “People are enamoured by the army, but they don’t really know how it works. This way, they get to spend a day in a soldier’s shoes,” says Swaminathan.

But the plan isn’t to train you for the military nor is this a boot camp for beginners. Participants are welcome to opt out of the race (or any of the 15 obstacles) the minute it stops being fun for them.

“If you want to skip an obstacle, you can. Two well-trained personnel will be posted at each obstacle. They will assist you in any way you need,” says Swaminathan, who has also ensured that there is a first-aid kit available at each of the obstacles. “We expect several participants will find it difficult to complete all obstacles. But we will encourage them to finish the race, so that it gives them a sense of accomplishment,” adds co-organiser Jay Goradia of Happy Feet Entertainment.

It was Goradia’s partner Paras Turakhia who suggested that they introduce the concept of Mud Rush in India. “He has entered several endurance races like this one across the globe. It is an interesting concept and we were sure it would excite fitness enthusiasts in the country,” reveals Goradia.

While the organisers have not set any minimum fitness level criteria, Swaminathan suggests that participants begin stretching exercises and going for brisk walks every day before they enter the Mud Rush. “We expect people to take about 90 minutes to two hours to complete the race. Unless of course they’re in perfect shape, in which case, they would take no more than an hour,” says the former army man, who recently ran the 42 km Mumbai Marathon.

But the event doesn’t end with the race! As Goradia says: “That’s when the party begins.” The post-race sundown party features both Indian and international DJs including Dinka, Martin Roth and Weekend Heroes. And for both participants and their cheering mates, there’s a flea market, a barbeque zone and a well-stocked bar that will keep everyone busy through the day.

Mud Rush: February 9; at Sutarwadi, Yeral Road,
Off the Mumbai–Goa Highway,
Kolad; passes are available on 

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