Be polite, decent to public, says Commissioner Dr Satyapal Singh

Mar 30, 2013, 07:43 IST | Vinay Dalvi

In a recent notification to all staffers of Mumbai police, Commissioner Dr Satyapal Singh has requested them to be more sensitive towards the problems of citizens

Mumbai's Commissioner of Police, Dr Satyapal Singh issued a notification yesterday asking all personnel to behave decently and be more attentive to the problems of the general public.

In the announcement, which was made following the Vidhan Bhavan assault case, the police chief also proposed a personality development programme for the staff.

The issue gained momentum after the suspended MLAs alleged that API Sachin Suryavanshi misbehaved with them. However, sources claim that Suryavanshi’s behaviour was a response to abusive language used by MLA Kshitij Thakur.

Mumbai's Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh
Dr Satyapal Singh

“ There are a lot of people who might approach us with complaints that even God may find difficult to solve, but we should be able to guide them and give them solutions that are best to our ability, such as approaching the court etc,” the circular said.

The commissioner has also suggested personality development courses for the policemen.

“ The staff will benefit by this course as it would teach them important life skills such as how to talk to people in a sensitive manner. We are thinking of approaching management institutes like Welingkar’s and Symbiosis to conduct the courses,” said a source.

Apart from the above mentioned suggestions, the commissioner has also asked all police stations to celebrate birthdays of staff by cutting a cake, presenting a bouquet and even writing their names on a board so that others can wish them too.

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