Be your own Man (or Woman) of Steel!

Apr 07, 2013, 23:41 IST | Kanika Sharma

Once a superhero addict, always a superhero addict, we say!

Check out the cool merchandise on this uber funky website, which claims to be India’s answer to the raging mania behind figures like Thor, Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Scarecrow and so many others!

Batman all over Front Printed T-shirt (Rs 599)

The website’s spunk lies in being the first Indian website dedicated to all superhero merchandise. Plus, the quality is warranted and it doesn’t hurt the booze money, too. What caught our eye was the Spider Man Radiant Face T-Shirt (`599). For Batman lovers, we picked two fabulous prints — one was a Batman all Over Front Printed T-shirt (Rs 599) and the second was the hot version of the boring hoodie with a Batman logo in front (Rs 2,000).

A personal favourite was the Superman Colour Sparkling T-shirt (Rs 599), to gear up for the Man of Steel craze! And for Iron Man’s third sequel, which is just around the corner, there’s a totally awesome Iron Man Black T-shirt (Rs 599). Our advice — don the garb to dig up your own super power!

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