Beckham lands himself in sticky situation with fan sex quiz

Feb 07, 2013, 13:09 IST | ANI

David Beckham's interview with fans backfired when he was bombarded with cheeky questions about his sex life.

England football star, David Beckham,  scored an own goal when he took to Twitter for a web-chat promising to reveal all.

He was hit with below-the-belt queries about alleged former lover Rebecca Loos and other embarrassing subjects, the Daily Star reported.

Among the more toe-curling questions asked was: “Which Spice Girl would you like to sleep with if you weren’t married to Posh?”

He was put on the rack after agreeing to the hour-long internet session for High Street brand H and M to launch his latest undies range.

But he was quizzed on a series of off-limits topics like his alleged affair with PA Rebecca and false rumours of a fling with classical star Katherine Jenkins.

Loos, Beckham
Rebecca Loos and David Beckham who had an affair.

One tweeter, mocking his skinny wife Victoria said: “When you boned Rebecca Loos was it nice to do someone with a bit of meat on em?”

Another said: “Please rank in order – Rebecca Loos, Posh and Katherine Jenkins. Additionally, feel free to include nannys, au pairs and aides.”

One calling himself CJ Mandalinde added: “Hi David, huge fan, 2 spice girls at the same time (not including your wife) – which 2 would you choose? Baby and Ginger?”

Beckham stayed calm and ignored the offensive interrogation, instead choosing to answer questions about his career.

He was rescued from the embarrassing barrage by football legend Gary Lineker, who asked whether he had ever considered becoming a TV pundit.

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