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Apr 14, 2013, 23:40 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Ritika Ramtri known for providing training to top models of the country, shares beauty secrets with the Guide

Ritika Ramtri, owner and trainer at The Tiara Pageant and Model Training Studio, has trained participants of several beauty pageants of the likes of Femina Miss India and Gladrags Megamodel. As a personality development trainer, she shares her take on etiquette, grace and communication skills. Also, the woman in focus will divulge the difficulties of being a model.

Beauty queens trained by Ritika Ramtri

How rigorous is the training of a beauty winner?
To win a pageant a girl has to not only concentrate on her looks but also be aware and knowledgeable. She should be charitable and delve into social work. She also needs to read a lot of books on a daily basis. Compassion is an important quality while she should constantly upgrade herself. Commitment, no doubt, is important to win a pageant. You can only think of joining Bollywood once you’ve won it but before that you should have only one focus.

Ritika Ramtri

What is the diet of a model? Are there any rules that one should follow?
You don’t have to eat less, but eat proper food at proper intervals. You should have three to four meals in a day and not have dinner after 7.30 pm. One should concentrate on a fibrous diet such as whole wheat bread. Exercise is an absolute must while over-eating is a strict no-no.

What do you think of international pageants?
The models in international pageants are extensively involved in cosmetic surgeries. 

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