Oct 16, 2012, 06:22 IST | Special Features

After the launch of her platinum collection, Poonam Soni went to London where the designer posed in front of the 'Chandlo' (the much talked about dresser at the Milan Fair), of the B D Barcelona company, along with her jewellery which was featured in the international Collector's Book.

She gave a lengthy interview to Natasha, daughter of David Warren, director of jewelry at Christies. Back home her men’s line of jewelry has taken off, with the pieces going to some of India’s most suave men.

A guest of the Bachchan’s family picked up a signature platinum button for Senior Bachchan. Sachin Tendulkar owns a pair of cufflinks while Boman Irani finds his pair from the platinum collection very classy. In a unique tie up, Soni is now opening the collection for sale at the Raymonds flagship store at Warden road on November 2.

Natasha, Poonam Soni and Maite Felices
Natasha, Poonam Soni and Maite Felices

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