Beepers in use at Mumbai stations

Jul 09, 2012, 07:54 IST | A Correspondent

A beeper device to help visually and physically challenged passengers was installed at railway stations in Mumbai some time ago. Prakash Pandagale, secretary, Rashtriya Drushtihin Sanghatana, Maharashtra, said: "It took seven years to get such a device installed on railway platforms.

The Railways took longer than expected to make the budgetary provision for the installation of these devices. Now all railway stations between Churchgate and Virar, CST and Karjat, CST and Kasara, CST and Panvel and CST and Khopoli have the device installed.” Pandagale said there was a need to have the device elsewhere as well since over 1,000 blind and 8,000 handicapped people travel daily in trains in the state. 

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