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If you're a certified beer drinker and are looking forward to raising a glass (or two!) with your favourite drink to ring in the New Year, here's trivia on your favourite beverage

If you're a certified beer drinker and are looking forward to raising a glass (or two!) with your favourite drink to ring in the New Year, here's trivia on your favourite beverage

Lagers work best with curries
The idea is to avoid beers with a bitter taste and look for ones with a slightly tangy flavour, or even those with a malty sweetness to complement the strong flavours of a spicy curry.

What is  handcrafted beer?
Handcrafted beers, also known as craft beers, are beers that have been made in a microbrewery or a craft brewery. Handcrafted beers don't usually have preservatives in them. Pune's first microbrewery is offering two special beers this season: Bavarian Wheat Beer and Doolally's Black Magic Ale.
AT: Doolally, The Corinthians Boutique Hotel, Nyati County, NIBM Annexe, Pune.
CALL 020-26952226

1 Did you know that the phrase 'rule of thumb' has its origins in beer? Before the use of thermometers, brewers tested the temperature of maturing brews with their thumbs. Too cold meant the yeast wouldn't grow. Too hot meant the yeast would die.

2 Cenosillicaphobia is the fear associated with an empty glass.

3 Vikings believed that a giant goat whose udders provided an endless supply of beer was waiting for them in Valhalla, or Viking Kingdom.

4 The word, 'berserk' means 'bare shirt' in Norse, a Germanic language. After consuming copious amounts of ale, the Vikings would head fearlessly into battle, often without armour or even their shirts. The word would eventually take on the meaning of their wild battles.

5 1850: The year in which beer was sold in bottles. Before that, beer drinkers would head to their local tavern with special buckets. The buckets would be filled with the beverage to be later stored at home.

6 A labeorphilist is a collector of beer bottles.

7 By 3,000 BC, the Egyptians were brewing at least six different types of beer.

8 Beer is considered one of the world's oldest prepared beverages, possibly dating back to the early Neolithic or 9,500 BC. Beer is recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

9 It is rumoured that children were baptised with beer, not holy water, in the 13th century.

10 In Germany, there is a beer ice cream in popsicle form. Its alcohol content is lower than that of regular beer.

11 Beer is considered the third most popular drink in the world, after water and tea. It is possibly the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world.

12Want to avoid a beer moustache? Stick your fingers in the foam, or the head, at the top of the beer.

13 Some of our earliest known writings refer to the production and distribution of beer. The Hymn to Ninkasi is a prayer to the Mesopotamian goddess of beer. It served as a prayer, as well as a way to remember the recipe for beer in a culture with few literate people.

14 Archaeologists speculate that beer was instrumental in the formation of civilisations.

15 The basic ingredients of beer are: Water, a starch, such as malted barley, which can be converted to alcohol, a brewer's yeast to produce the fermentation, and a flavouring agent, such as hops.

16 Since beer is composed mostly of water, the mineral composition in water plays a key role in producing beer. As a result, different regions are better suited to making certain types of beer.

17 The flower of the hop vine is used as a flavouring and preservative agent in nearly all beers made today. The flowers are often called 'hops'.

18 Worried about a beer belly? Get some exercise and cut out junk from your diet. Lack of muscle tone and overeating are considered the main causes of a beer belly, rather than the consumption of beer itself. A recent study, however, found a link between binge drinking and a beer belly.

19 A merchant could be put to death for diluting beer, according to The Code of Hammurabi of ancient Babylonia, circa 1,750 BC.

20 Want to see peanuts dance? Toss salted peanuts in a glass of beer.

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