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Jun 30, 2013, 08:16 IST | Punam Chavan

Cousins Sanjay Manaktala and Advait Gupt have launched a portal, Fluffysingh (.com) which hosts a soft toy character of the same name

Fluffy Singh is a mini Sardar soft toy character about a foot high, with brown sparkling eyes, chubby cheeks and a potbelly. He is cuddly and attractive at the very first glance. Fluffy Singh is the brainchild of cousins Sanjay Manaktala who is an IT professional and Advait Gupt an investment banker.

The website which was launched just a few days ago, presents different looks and moods of this souvenir. One can choose from an office-going version, to a Fluffy-at-home version.

Indian Souvenir -Fluffy

“We will introduce Fluffy Singh’s family including his wife Fluffy Kaur and his juniors. We will soon be launch a hip-hop version, named Fluffy-B which is the Bhangra styled Fluffy and also a super hero avatar titled Super Fluffy,” says Manaktala.

The website is still in its testing phase and has several sections in it.

Gupt mentions, “We plan to put videos and pictures of Fluffy travelling the world with its buyers in the blog section of our portal. We will also conduct some exciting quiz contests for our buyers.”

Manaktala, originally an NRI, who also dabbles with stand-up comedy, came to India a few years ago. On his way back home he wanted to gift an Indian memento for his Punjabi relatives.

“I could not find anything interesting apart from the regular souvenirs to take back home. I wanted something which my relatives could truly relate to. Moreover, something which could remind them of the people back here,” explains the IT professional.

“After the idea of having our own Indian Memento was finalised, we had designers from India, US and Argentina create designs for us, that could be prototypes of Fluffy,” reminisces Gupt.

The final design of the souvenir was of the Argentinean designer that was chosen to be Fluffy Singh. The fabric for the souvenir is imported from China and the assemby of the toy is done in the country.

“When we had the final design ready we decided to start off our website which could help Fluffy find home in million people’s heart,” mentions Manaktala.

This toy can be ordered currently through the website and is shipped across the world. The payment mode is through credit card. This soft toy will also hit the outlets in Mumbai and Bangalore in the coming months.

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