'Being a Hindi band is difficult'

Mar 03, 2014, 11:08 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

3 questions with visual storyteller, singer, songwriter and musician Tamir Khan

Q. Your second album, Gali Ke Kutte, was recently released on the Internet. Tell us more about it.
A. This album, especially the title track, is the story of my life. Every ordinary person will co-relate to it. The name of the album may sound a little nasty but after listening to the title track (which I released with a video), the audience has appreciated it. It is a light, breezy street song, which describes the dreams that are shattered due to people and situations. This track is for everyone who is constantly advised for every random thing. The album contains seven songs. Apart from the title track, Ungli is another peppy number and Tere Bina is my first attempt at composing a love song. There is also a little Rap that we experimented with. So, overall it’s a complete package and our team has worked devotedly on it for 6-8 months. I hope the audience enjoys it.

Gali Ke Kutte is available on iTunes

Q. You are a Hindi band; is it difficult to survive the rat-race when numerous non-Hindi bands are dominating
the market?
A. Yes, it is little difficult for a Hindi band to make their existence felt. While musical venues mostly opt for an English band for their live gigs; in Bollywood they want you to be a typical well-versed playback singer. A live performance is normally seen as hard-hitting dance music and is mostly about instruments. So, when I started, I was stuck at some point thinking about which way to go. But being an independent musician gave me scope to experiment and make the kind of music. That is why we released this album on the internet first, and now it will be out in CD format.

Q. What will you be working on after this album?
A. I am recording a single with singer Alisha Chinai that we will release online shortly. I am also doing music for a Bengali movie named Ami Khoob Shoonder and there is a Bollywood movie for which work will start soon. I am glad that I am in the profession where you are not restricted to language or country barriers and can entertain people with your tunes.

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