Being single and famous is laced with perils for several TV stars

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Popular small screen celebrities give their views about what are the best and worst things about being famous and single in the glamour industry. Here's what they had to say...

With dreamy looks and steamy bodies, it's surprising that several popular television actors are still enjoying singledom. But maybe that's what makes it even more fun. It would be interesting to find out how their single mind functions. And as we all know, it's not easy to date in the glamour industry, with all eyes on their every move. hitlist talks to telly town's hottest stars to find out their views about what are the best and worst things about being famous and single.

Harshita Gaur (Featuring in 'Sadda Haq')
Harshita Gaur

On being single:
You don't have to worry about unseeing anybody.
The downside: You can't fall into someone's arms and show them your weak points.
Pick-up line: I may sound clichéd, but I am too shy to use a pick-up line on someone. When I was in class 10, and holidaying in Mussoorie, my lips were badly chapped. I was asking everyone around if they had a lip balm. A guy approached me, rubbed his thumb on his lips and then asked me if I wanted balm for my lips!
First date: I don't want it to be a typical romantic date, but it has to be fun.
I want to go out, play games, or go on a trek. Going to a restaurant and the candle-light dinner is not my scene.
To kiss or not: No, not for me. If you give time to things that tempt you, they become more interesting.

Nia Sharma (Acting in 'Jamai Raja')
Nia Sharma

On being single:
I have been single for far too long, but it gives you freedom. There is no baggage and you can do whatever you want. Guys are always possessive about their girlfriends and have an opinion on how they dress. Considering that I like to dress wild, I am sure it would have been an issue if I was dating someone. There is no one to impose any bans on you.
The downside: You want someone to care for you, ask you if you ate or not, tweak your mood, but right now I am my own boyfriend.
Pick-up line: I am not that flirtatious, but I had once told someone that he had nice lips, and he blushed. People often compliment me on my figure.
First date: I want to go on a long drive with loud music, away from the city, and be with the person. The idea is to get to know each other and to spend time together.
To kiss or not:  If I am going on date with someone, obviously I am attracted to him, so why do the drama of 'oh-don't kiss me'. It has to happen eventually, then why not on the first date?

Shravan Reddy (Shooting for 'Krishnadasi')
Shravan Reddy

On being single:
It's great as I can sleep around. I can sleep all over my bed — left, right, centre... wherever. And, of course, I save money.
The downside: All my guy friends are scared of me and find reasons not to get their girlfriends to chill when I am around.
Pick up line: Once I happened to compliment a girl at the gym,  and told her, “You work out like a man” since she lifted heavy weights. But I don't know if she liked what I said or was offended. This was once used on me, “Are you  religious? You are the answer to my prayers.”
First date: No formalities. Let's get down to business.
To kiss or not: Absolutely.

Siddhant Karnick (Working in 'Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani')
Siddhant Karnick

On being single:
I'm not single or dating as I'm married to my job. I am in a
relationship with myself. Fame allows me to get to know myself better as my experiences are enhanced.
The downside: It's good to have someone to share your ups and downs with. It's nice to bounce your thoughts off someone who would be your closest and best critic and most non-judgmental listener. By not having someone, you miss out on those intimate moments of joy and accomplishments.
Pick-up line: They are for the movies and those 'slapped in-your face' experiences. They never worked for me. I've always been about conversations. I'm still waiting for that one line which will knock me off my socks or shorts.
First date: Completely impulsive and organic. Those are always the best
To kiss or not: Sure! It saves a lot of beating around the bush (pun intended).

Gautam Rode (Currently seen in 'Suryaputra Karn')
Gautam Rode

On being single:
As I shoot in Umbergaon, near Valsad in Gujarat, I can only be dating my work. I believe it is best to be single as you get a lot of attention from everyone. Also, I can devote all my time towards work.   
The downside: There are days when I do not feel like socialising or meeting friends. I'd like to go home and spend quality time with a partner — that is definitely missed.
Pick-up line: I've never used pick-up lines. I don't think they work at all. It's better to strike a conversation and be yourself.
This was used on me, “Please give me a missed call!”
First date: It should be casual over a cup of coffee.  Just be yourself, have a good conversation and see if the wavelengths match.   
To kiss or not: I don't know about cool or not cool, but it's definitely a little too early. I believe the two individuals need to first match their sensibilities, see if they feel attracted towards each other in terms of intellect and whether they are compatible or not. Physical intimacy should come at a later stage in a relationship.

Hiba Nawab (Signed up for 'Meri Saasu Maa')
Hiba Nawab

On being single: It spells freedom. You can post pictures on Instagram with anybody; party with anyone you want, with no one to stop you. Also, you get more time for yourself, your family and your friends.
The downside: Having no one to talk to at midnight and no one to snapchat with during breaks. Seeing lovey-dovey people around you can also put you off.
Pick-up line: Someone told me, “Aise mat dekho mujhe, pyaar ho jaayega.” Later, I used it on someone else.
First date: I want a 24-hour date starting from 5 am one day till the next morning. I'd like to go to Marine Drive, near the seashore and have a bike ride all over town.
To kiss or not: It's a personal choice. If you have the connection, then why not?

First Published: 24 January, 2016 08:30 IST

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