Benares calling for Prateik

Apr 18, 2012, 08:31 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Prateik fulfills his grandmom's wish to visit the holy city

Prateik has finally fulfilled his grandmother Vidyatai Patil’s wish to visit Benaras. She was extremely keen for years to visit the holy sites at the place.

Opportunity came the actor’s way when he had an extensive shoot of his upcoming film in Uttar Pradesh. As several scenes had to be shot in Benaras, his grandmother accompanied him.

Prateik with his grandmother Vidyatai Patil

The actor escorted her around the various holy sites in the vicinity including taking a dip in the River Ganga. The late actress Smita Patil’s mom was overwhelmed by her grandson’s gesture.

Says a source from the film’s unit, “He is extremely close to his maternal family and has the highest regard for his grandmother. It was endearing to see him escort her around Benares to soak in the sights of the city.”

It was also the actor’s first experience with the holy city and the Ganga. He shot for several scenes in the river as well for over two hours.

Says Prateik, “It was amazing shooting in Benares, especially in the Ganga. As well as having grandma around. It was my first time and I didn’t know that the water would be so cold. I was freezing as we were shooting for hours in the running current of the river.”  

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