Bend it like Beckham

Jan 29, 2014, 09:55 IST | The GUIDE Team

Dishing out some of the best photographs of the suave sportsman from his recent autobiography, titled David Beckham by David Beckham, The Guide canvasses his life, sartorial choices and hairstyles for the ultimate fan

“David Beckham is possibly one of the biggest style influencers of the past decade and one of the first sportsmen to be recognised for his sartorial choices. He has been a pivotal influence in men’s style and street culture, right from the 1990s, when he began his career.

England vs Columbia, World Cup finals group match, 1998

Things got interesting when he started dating Victoria Adams aka Posh Spice, who was at her peak with the Spice Girls revolution taking over the UK. Victoria’s influence was seen on David almost immediately when he was seen with highlights in his hair. He then went on to get engaged and a picture of his surfaced in Rockport boots at his engagement.

Los Angeles Galaxy vs Houston Dynamo, MLS Cup final, Home Depot Centre, USA, 2012

Later, in the same year he was spotted in Chanel. Beckham then pushed fashion boundaries by stepping out in a sarong, something most straight men would never have the guts to do .

Manches-ter United vs Bayern Munich, UEFA Champ-ions League final, Spain, 1999

In the late ’90s, David and Victoria made a huge style statement as they were always seen co-ordinated in terms of what they wore. One of the most stylish couples of the century had arrived.

(Sitting to the extreme right) Beckham in the Ridgeway Rovers Under-11s team photo from the 1985-86 team photos. pics courtesy/Hachette UK

He tied up with Armani and Police to be their brand ambassador and has recently gone on to start his own line of men’s inner wear with retail giant H&M.

In the new millennium, he was seen sporting a bandana and then there was the Faux Mohawk, that drew his fan following, to the nearest barber shop. The Faux Mohawk became a rage on the streets of England and with his fans around the world.

David Beckham by David Beckham, `1,499, Hachette India. Available at leading bookstores.

Just when people couldn’t get enough of his style, he went on to favour a beanie that became the next trend to watch out for. His tattoos, over the years, grew in number and each was more interesting than the next. He has 32 of them, in count.

To me, David always had a way of looking comfortable and yet effortlessly stylish. He has a way of reinventing himself, he knows how to play with versatility and he is one of the few people who can do so. He has kept the
world watching as he dished out one sartorial choice after next.”

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