Best of both worlds

Aug 20, 2012, 09:04 IST | Shakti Shetty

New-York based musician Karsh Kale wears many hats in the field of music, thanks to his proficiency in various instruments and has collaborated with the likes of Norah Jones, Sting and Anoushka Shankar

He has worked in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. Come September, he hopes to perform in India. In a tete-a-tete with CS, Karsh sheds some light on his latest album and collaborations:

Karsh Kale

Indian music is in my blood, like the blues is for rock musicians or how jazz is for RnB and hip-hop artists. It’s my wellspring and forever will inform the music I make. I don’t claim to make Indian music, yet what I do make is undeniably influenced by it. I think I come over often enough that I get the best of both worlds.

Keeping ideas fresh
I love collaborating and interacting with people. When I listen to something I have done myself, I often find that the element of dialogue is missing. Others automatically bring a new dimension to an idea and I love to get surprised by the music I am working on, so collaborating with other artists keeps that process fresh and breathes more life into the musical idea.

Album effect
It is revisiting those times when music was so visual for me. It’s not a collection of film music but rather a journey of songs and instrumentals about how life plays out like a film. I look for musicians who are open and inspired to explore new territory rather than those who are fixed in their ways.

Practice and perfection
I wish I practiced more than I do these days. I go through phases when I play one instrument more depending on what I’m writing or performing. In the studio I tend to play more piano, keys and guitar. On the road, I wind up playing more tabla and drums. But I have no set schedule at this point.

Desi-videshi connect
Right now, there is little difference between the two. The early years of my career, both in India and the west were about educating the audience. But these days, what we do is an old hat and a cultural norm. So now much like classical music, this music has an international audience that share equal knowledge of it. 

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