BEST bus driver grazes car; gives flippant reply when confronted

Sep 03, 2013, 09:30 IST | Iram Siddique

Driver gives callous response to the owner of the vehicle after brushing past it on E Moses road at Worli Naka

With their image already tarnished due to their reckless driving and rude behaviour, the reputation of BEST bus drivers nosedived further yesterday. After grazing a car while making a left turn, the brazen driver of a BEST bus on route number 91 told a motorist: “Thoka to kya? (So what if I banged your car?)”

Arrogant: A non-cognisable offence was registered against the BEST bus driver after he brushed past a vehicle at Worli, damaging it in the process

The incident took place at 11 am yesterday on E Moses Road at Worli Naka when the bus was navigating traffic at a signal, trying to make a left turn. With the signal green, the bus driver had the right of way. But he could not make the turn, as a few vehicles proceeding straight ahead had halted before him, as their signal was red.

Irked by the obstruction, the bus conductor stepped down and asked the cars to move a little ahead so the bus could make the turn. A few cars inched forward, but Kermanth Rana’s car, which was ahead of the BEST bus, stood still as there was no more room to manoeuvre. Misjudging the available space, the impatient BEST driver drove forward and in the process the rear end of the bus brushed against the left side of Rana’s vehicle. When Rana realised his car was damaged in the incident, he chased the bus for 200 metres and managed to stop it.

Rana confronted him, but to his amazement the driver gave him the arrogant reply. Realising that the bus driver was in no mood to listen or admit his fault, Rana dialled 100 and a police van reached the spot, after which all of them proceeded to Worli police station. BEST officials also rushed to the police station.

“I was surprised when BEST officials replied that the bus had no insurance. To my knowledge, every vehicle plying on the road has to be insured. They also said that there was nothing like a redressal forum,” said Rana.

After registering a non-cognisable offence, the driver and the conductor were let off.

A S Tamboli, BEST senior spokesperson, said, “What the BEST officials said at the police station is not true. If the car owner wants, he can put in a claim for the damages to his vehicle.” 

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