BEST cracks whip on delayed projects

Oct 05, 2014, 08:31 IST | Shashank Rao

The body has to collect R56.91 crore as fines from its delayed construction projects. Post elections, officials will visit sites to check progress

The loss-making BEST Undertaking owns substantial land in Mumbai, including the bus depots, whose development plans have been underway for around eight years now. Of the 25 bus depots, authorities want to develop six.

The BEST Undertaking has plans to develop six depots. Representational image

Last week, Sunil Ganacharya, BEST Committee member, ordered an evaluation of the status of work. “I wanted to know how much money is yet to be received from these developers for the delays. After the Assembly elections, we will check the progress of the sites once more,” said Ganacharya.

Kurla bus depot
In June 2006, the BEST gave a contract worth R40.5 crore to construct residential building for employees, office building, docking pit and a restroom for drivers. The developer was to get an additional FSI of 5,242 square metres to develop the 30,820 square metre plot. So far, only the residential complexes are ready. The rest will be completed in October 2015. BEST will collect fines amounting to R7.28 crore.

Oshiwara bus depot
In November 2006, the Undertaking issued the development of R1.54 lakh of plot at a cost of R220 crore. The developer was supposed to construct four buildings of 44-storeys each. Out of them, two buildings are ready; while 33 floors have been finished in the third one and 15 in the fourth one. For the 20 per cent additional FSI, the developer is still to pay R6.63 crore

Kandarpada, Dahisar bus depot
The BEST decided to develop this 15,616 square metre depot in July 2007 with a budget of R8.02 crore. By 2010, the developer was supposed to rebuild the depot, construct a parking yard, and residential buildings. Presently, residential work on 1,181 square metre plot is underway.

Mahim bus depot
In August 2007, the BEST issued a contract to develop this 5,877 square metre depot at a cost of R32.32 crore. Work was to be completed within 48 months but ecessary permissions only came by December 2012. It also falls under the CRZ, which resulted in further delays. BEST will collect a fine of R26.7 crore for the additional FSI.

Marol-Maroshi bus depot
In July 2008, 4,798 square metres was to be developed at a cost of R13.79 crore. The builder was to make a depot building, a concrete bus yard and residential building within 42 months. Work on office building is underway.
Fine: The BEST is yet to receive R5.59 crore from the developer.

Yari Road bus depot
In September 2010, BEST Undertaking reissued the contract, after the former one failed due to technical reasons. The developer was to construct a depot for buses, parking lot and other buildings within the premises. The authorities will charge R10.68 crore for additional FSI.

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