BEST Day: 5 interesting facts about Mumbai's buses

Aug 07, 2015, 08:00 IST | The Guide Team

BEST Day is observed today, and so the guide has rolled out a few interesting facts about the big red bus that remains an icon

>> On June 27, 1905, the Bombay Electric Supply and Tramways Company was established in London under the English Companies Act, and on July 22, 1905, it was registered in Mumbai under the Indian Companies Act of 1882.

A BEST double decker is a rare sight these days on Mumbai’s streets. PIC/SATYAJIT DESAI
A BEST double decker is a rare sight these days on Mumbai’s streets. Pic/Satyajit Desai

 The Bombay Tramways Company, the Bombay Municipality, the Brush Electrical Company and the BEST Company signed an Agreement on 31st July 1905 by which the BEST. Company was granted the monopoly for electric supply and the running of an electric tram service in the city.

 The BEST Company bought the assets of the Tramway Company for Rs 98,50,000. They included horse-drawn tramcars and horses, bullock-carts and bullocks, immovable property, tramway lines and goodwill. The deed of sale was executed in London on August 1, 1905.

 On August 7, 1947, BEST Company came under control of Bombay Municipal Corporation and became BEST Undertaking. Every year on August 7, the BEST celebrates its foundation day or 'BEST Din'/ 'BEST Day'.

 BEST Company had launched its motorbus service on July 15 1926 with a modest fleet of 24 vehicles. By August 7, 1947, when the Municipal Corporation took over the Company, the fleet had risen to 242 vehicles.

Information courtesy: BEST website, Mumbai Heritage

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