Best of 2013: Our favourite travel destinations

Jan 01, 2014, 12:17 IST | The Guide Team

From adventurous getaways to serene locales, natural wonders to historic trails The Guide scouted countless destinations and now presents its readers with the best, most diverse travel options from our travels in 2013. What better way to re-ignite the travel junkie in you than by plotting these trips on your dream trip map for the New Year. Bon Voyage!

Wildernest, Chorla Ghat, Goa

Hidden escape > Wildernest, Chorla Ghat, Goa
This scenic location in the Chorla Ghat sector of the Western Ghats is home to over 55 species of reptiles and amphibians. The area covers Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. Pic Courtesy/Nirmal Kulkarni.

Chandoli National Park

Success Story > Chandoli National Park
In 2010, the Chandoli National Park was declared as a part of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra. This missing piece of a green jigsaw fell into place, finally, ensuring that a large tract of forests in the Western Ghats in Maharashtra fall into one continuous stretch. Pic Courtesy/C Gangadharan Menon.

Diversity > Kutch, Gujarat

Diversity > Kutch, Gujarat
Kutch is the only district in India where four distinct ecosystems (desert, coastal, grassland and upland) exists within a span of 100 kms.Pic Courtesy/Urmi Popat.

Urban Heritage > Vasai Fort, Thane

Urban Heritage > Vasai Fort, Thane
A slice of history in our backyard, this fort was built during the Portuguese rule over this region, in 1535. Seven churches can be found inside this citadel. The Marathas won over this European power and took over the fort in 1739; they built three temples in it. Pic/Nimesh Dave.

Saptakunda Waterfall, Aurangabad

Unknown Wonder > Saptakunda Waterfall, Aurangabad
This waterfall is in full splendour during the monsoon as it gushes strongly and drops into the river from almost 150 feet. Drop by this stunning natural wonder while doing the Ajanta-Elora circuit.Pic Courtesy/Jayesh Paranjape.

Xendrem Beach, Goa

Scenic Beach > Xendrem Beach, Goa
This beach, untouched by commercial activitiy, will remind you of Goa from its pre-tourist boom times. At this scenic stretch in South Goa, feni is still homemade, and Fish Curry and Rice is as authentic as it gets. Pic Courtesy/C Gangadharan Menon.

Kaas Plateau

Natural Wonder > Kaas Plateau
Kaas is considered to be Maharashtra’s very own Valley of Flowers and is one of the 39 World Natural Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO along the Western Ghats. Pic Courtesy/C Gangadharan Menon.

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