Better sit at home rather than sign on bad films: Neetu Chandra

Aug 02, 2013, 10:17 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

After disappearing from the scene for over two years, actor Neetu Chandra is now back in action with a couple of films

 “Well, I did a Greek and a couple of Tamil and Telugu films in between. I feel that it is better to sit at home and indulge in other things rather than sign on bad films just to stay busy,” says the 10 film old actress. CS caught up with her for a shortinterview.

Neetu Chandra

Hindi hain hum!
I did a couple of projects in Tamil and Telugu and I was getting more offers from the South. However, I want to concentrate more on Hindi films, as Hindi is my mother tongue. I feel that I can challenge and explore myself in a better manner in Hindi films. An actor needs a have a good grasp of the language to deliver well. 

Wait and watch
Acting is my passion. Whenever, I take on a project
I hope to get some creative satisfaction from it. I can’t bring myself to take on a film if I know that it is going to be a bad project. Yes, there are phases of anxiety and irritation but you have to be patient. I live with my family and they keep my spirits up.

Hobby time
I gave a lot of time to my Kathak training in the past
couple of years. Dance is a very spiritual thing for me. Plus, I practise my martial arts. It is very important to have a life beyond films to stay in perspective.

Producer’s hat
I produced my brother’s film Deswa but I am not planning to get into production anytime soon. I was very happy with the response it got from the critics and audiences. At times, I feel sad to see that people can’t watch the kind of Bhojpuri films being made nowadays with their families. I wish there were more sensible films in Bhojpuri.

It’s personal
A lot has been written about my personal life. I don’t want to comment on it further. As of now, my focus is on my work. I believe in life, everything has a time. Right now, it’s only work, work and more work for me. 

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