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May 03, 2012, 07:50 IST | Soma Das

Lakeeren is hosting Cardinal Meridians: New Geometries of the Infinite, an exhibition of artworks by five South Asian women artists who use varied mediums ranging from calligraphy and computer chips to ceramics as they try to depict their notion of infinity

Head to Lakeeren — The Contemporary Art Gallery to check out a series of prints that juxtapose historical characters with symbols and topography, glass bottles that contain artworks made from wire, solar cells, batteries and circuit board components, tiles and web-like hot glue.

The artworks are by Amina Ahmed, Bindu Mehra, Fariba Alam, Nandita Kumar and Seher Shah. They have used mediums ranging from mathematical diagrams to architectural blueprints and computer chips to decipher the concept of infinity and dislocation, since they live away from their homeland. We chatted with four of the artists about their unique art.

Till May 31; At Lakeeren, 6/18, Grants Building, Colaba; Call 65224179 

Top 4 snapshots >>>

The Night Journey
Artist: Fariba Alam
Based in: New York
Medium: Tiles, ceramic and acrylic 
Visual artist Fariba Alam uses black and white and digital photographs to give history a sense of immediacy. Several of her images are based on the colonial and post-colonial eras.
Artist-speak: “I mine my family’s archival photographs to weave in my personal history. Religious and secular allegories define my art. Several of my works draw reference from the parable of the Night Journey (Mir’aj), in which Prophet Mohammed goes from Mecca to Jerusalem riding a half-angel, half-horse.”

Earth, 2012
Nandita Kumar
Based in: New Zealand, of Indian origin
Medium: Wire, solar cells and batteries and circuit board components
Nandita Kumar is an award-winning filmmaker, multi-media artist and performer. At the exhibition, her art is contained inside glass bottles where wire and other elements of circuitry form an image of nature.
Artist-speak: “My art is a personal meditation of the process of reflection and interpretation. My works are a collage of the timeless world; they draw correlations between the self and dimensions of culture.”

White Dwarf
Bindu Mehra
Based in: Canada, of Indian origin
Medium: Glue
Bindu Mehra’s art (often made from a single string of glue) revolves around her research on notions of identity, memory and history
Artist-speak: “My immersion in North American culture and dislocation from Indian culture had a profound impact on my art. My work represents my hybrid identity trapped in the cross-cultural negotiation. It incorporates symbols that derive inspiration from elements of the East and West.”

The Expansion Complex
Seher Shah
Based in: New York City, born in Karachi, grew up in London, Brussels and New York City.
Medium: Drawings combined with photos and graphics
Seher Shah’s art emerges from the fields of architectural history, literary fiction and cinema.
Artist-speak: “My artworks attempt to navigate the permutations of personal and historical collective memory through graphic constructions. I start with detailed drawings and combine these with photographs.”

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