Beware! Googling these 10 things will gross you out

Jan 28, 2017, 17:00 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Beware! you have been forewarned.. Do not.. We mean do NOT google these words under any circumstances...unless you want to make your own skin crawl

Good news: The internet is filled with all the information you need. Bad news: The internet is not always filled with cute kitten videos or viral stuff. Horrible news: The internet also has stuff which will make you gouge your eyes out.

The dark side of the internet (not even the dark web) has videos and images which range from gross to disgusting to outrageous to scary to offensive.

Beware! you have been forewarned.. Do not.. We mean do NOT google these words under any circumstances...unless you want to make your own skin crawl.

Lemon party

Lemon Party

The term 'Lemon' here is often used to describe an old male. A website of the same name features video clips of three old men having a good timein bed kissing and engaging in oral sex. The website was also mentioned in a number of TV sitcoms like 30 Rock’s Season 2 as well as in animated TV series like Archer, The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show and American Dad.

Meat Spin

Meat spin

You are directed to the website of the same name featururing a video of two men having gay sex. One of the men is 'spinning around' atop the other man, thus giving rise to the website's name. Not only that the site also flets you know as a viewer, how long you have managed to watch the action unfold.


Trypophobia is a claimed pathological fear of holes, particularly irregular patterns of holes. But looking up for an image is the last thing you really want to do unless you want your eyes to bleed. And no, no image would serve the purpose, either.

Blue waffle disease

Blue waffles

Waffles are yummy, alright! but go a step ahead and google blue waffles, rest assured you will never look at them the same way again. A photo of what appears to be a woman's severely infected vagina appears right up the screen. 

Tub girl

Tub girl

Tub girl is one of the most (in) famous jpeg. The image depicts a naked, masked woman lying in a tub with a fountain of yellowish orange liquid gushing from her raised buttocks onto her face, the apparent result of an orange juice enema. Too much information? Great. Don't tread the path, then.Hungry bitches

Smurf porn

Smurf pornForget the small blue creatures who live in mushroom-shaped houses in the forest for some time. This smurf porn leads to extremely disturbing video - the kind of porn vidoes which give you headache. Do yourself a favour, enjoy the movie but don't look up for the vidoes or images for that matter.

Degloved face

Go ahead, google degloved face if you want see mutilated, bloodied, distorted images. The gore is real!

Hungry bitches

Hungry bitches

Brazilian fetish-themed pornographic film called 'Hungry bitches' features two women alternatingly defecating into a cup and then consuming the said excrement. They also manage to work some vomit in there, just so no one feels left out. Ouch! Really Ouch!


One of the shock sites, '' features a naked man stretching out his anus using both hands so much that you can actually see the interior of his rectum. The image became so well known that it constantly reminded everyone that doomsday is near.

Mr Hands

Mr. Hand

Based on a true incident, 'Mr. Hands' is the professional name of one Kenneth Pinyan, a former Boeing engineer who died in 2005 after receiving anal sex from a horse. The act which was videotaped, was intentional, though it eventually led to the perforation of Pinyan's colon and his eventual death. The incident led to the immediate passage of a bill prohibiting both sex with animals and the videotaping thereof.

You have ignored us and done it anyway, haven't you? Did curiousity finally killed the cat? Great! now soothe those eyeballs.

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