Beware of an impostor posing as Pooja Bhatt's casting agent

Jul 15, 2013, 08:37 IST | Asira Tarannum

A man claiming to be Pooja Bhatt's casting agent contacts gullible girls for 'bold' role

Looks like there is an imposter around who is posing as Pooja Bhatt’s casting director. According to freelance show anchor Deborah Gray, a man who identified himself as Rohit Kumar, claimed he was calling from the filmmaker’s office and asked her to send photographs of herself for Pooja’s next that included a ‘bold’ role.

After realising something was amiss, Gray got in touch with Mahesh Bhatt, who asked her to lodge an official complaint against Rohit with the police.
Says Deborah, “Rohit provided me with a number claiming it was Pooja’s. But the number had a man’s photograph as the profile picture. After realising he was fake, I immediately contacted Pooja and Mahesh. I registered a complaint with Thane’s Kapurbawdi police station.”

Confirming having spoken to Gray, Mahesh Bhatt says, “We need to deal with such matters very aggressively. People can be taken for a ride. We don’t know any Rohit Kumar. Recently, someone posing as me asked a woman to send across her photographs wearing a bikini.”

Currently shooting in Udaipur, Pooja says, “I am rather mortified that people could be so devious and take advantage of unsuspecting actors, who think they have access to me through some self-proclaimed casting director. I have never hired a casting director in my life and never will.”

The person, claiming to be Rohit Kumar, sent us an SMS insisting he was working with Pooja. His SMS read, “I am the one who is casting for Pooja’s film. I know about my employers more than you do.”  

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