Beyonce blasts rumours of affair with US president

Feb 12, 2014, 00:47 IST | Agencies

Are Beyonce and Barack Obama dangerously in love? The short answer – no, they are not.

Washington: Are Beyonce and Barack Obama dangerously in love? The short answer – no, they are not. In the wake of their own president being surrounded by scandal, the French media is getting very excited about a rumour that Beyonce has been having an affair with US President Obama — a claim the singer has swiftly denied.

Just friends? Beyonce performed at Obama’s re-election ceremony in 2012. She also performed at Michelle’s recent 50th birthday party. File Pic/AFP

A spokeswoman for Beyonce dismissed the claim as 'absurd'. Rumours of an affair between the American president and the pop superstar were first made yesterday morning by a man with some expertise in the subject.

Pascal Rostain, a French paparazzo, who snapped French President François Hollande cheating on his first lady with the actress Julie Gayet, spoke of the alleged relationship during a sensational interview on the Europe 1 radio station.

He said: ''Indeed, it will come out tomorrow in the Washington Post. We cannot say that it is from the gutter press — a supposed liaison between US President Barack Obama and Beyonce. I can assure you that the world will talk.''

The Washington Post immediately denied any such report — saying the newspaper does not produce articles of this kind and that it is ‘definitely not true’.

Rostain backpedalled on his comments later, saying he ''didn’t say that at all'' about Obama and Beyonce. But he insisted that things between the president and his wife Michelle ‘haven’t been in the best of shape for a couple of weeks’, adding, ''But I know nothing more.''

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