Bhavna heads to the Vatican

Jun 03, 2012, 08:21 IST | Subhash K Jha

Talwar will make a film on the rosary and its links with holy beads across the world

Last week, the Pope watched director Bhavna Talwar’s film, Dharm, and promptly assigned her with the job of researching and making a movie on the rosary and its links with holy beads across the world.

Talwar, who is suffering from a slipped disc, says, “It’s a huge honour. Hinduism, Islam, Christianity — every religion uses the holy beads. The concept of repetition as meditation is universal and cuts across all religion and cultures. I will explore this concept of universality through the holy beads.”

The film, which will be a mix of documentary and fiction, will take Talwar to remote parts of the world — from Istanbul to Jerusalem and, of course, the Vatican.

Talwar will be joined by Italian anthropologist and author Franco La Cecla. She says, “Franco is the one who mediated between me and the Vatican. He is a bit of a creative wanderer. He has written a book on the art of getting lost in unknown cities. I will soon travel with him to various unknown cities to research on the rosary.”

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