'Bhootnath' director Vivek Sharma says Nepali criminal kidnapped him

Feb 25, 2017, 13:55 IST | Suraj Ojha

Bollywood director Vivek Sharma, has tweeted to Sushma Swaraj, saying that a Nepali national kidnapped him and took away the hard disk that contained the footage of his Nepali film

Director Vivek Sharma
Director Vivek Sharma

Bollywood director Vivek Sharma, who made his directorial debut with 'Bhootnath', has tweeted to external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj saying that a Nepali national kidnapped him and took away the footage of his Nepali film 'Maro Paiso Khoi'.

After Sharma decided to shoot the film in Nepal, a close friend and small-time actor Amir Shaikh, gave him the contact of a person named Rose Rana and said that he would help him in the making of the film.

Speaking to mid-day, Sharma said, "When I contacted Rana, he offered to help me and mentioned that he had a lot of contacts in Nepal. Hence, I decided to work with him. In December, I reached Kathmandu along with my assistant and met Rana. When I told him that we needed to work from a proper office, Rana said that he would arrange for it. Thereafter, he arranged a meeting with a couple of actors as well."

Sharma further said that despite asking Rana several times to prepare an MoU for the film, he never did it. Rana was also supposed to pay him 40 per cent of the film's profit and an additional R25 lakh. However, the money never came Sharma's way. After a couple of months in January, Rana again called them to Nepal saying that Nepali actors Saugat Malla and Sagar Tiwari and actress Barsha Raut were ready for the shoot.

Nothing official
"On January 31, when we reached Kathmandu, we found that no preparations were in place for the shoot. After I had an argument with Rana over the issue, he arranged for manpower and we started shooting on February 7. By February 20 we completed filming 35 scenes and a song. However, Rana had not prepared the MoU papers even then," said Sharma.

Sharing what happened further, Sharma said, "On February 21 when I asked Rana to get the papers ready if he wishes to continue with the film, he immediately asked me to pack up and leave. He refused to continue with the film and said he would arrange for our return tickets. The following day when we were to leave, some goons came and locked us up. Rana arrived after four-and-a-half hours and took away the hard disk, which had all the film's content."

He's a criminal
"Later when I enquired about Rana, I found that he was a fugitive and his real name was Saroj Thapa. I have appealed through social media to not work for Rana as he is making my film under his banner," he added. Even after repeated attempts to contact Rana, he was not available for comment.

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