Bidding for virginity of Brazilian sex doll reaches USD 105k

Mar 10, 2013, 07:27 IST | ANI

Online bids to take the virginity of Brazil''s first life-like sex doll have reached more than 105,000 dollars

Sexonico, a search engine for erotic products, started the bidding war this week in Sao Paulo, for the ''virginity'' of Valentina.

They say she is the most sophisticated fake woman ever made, with life-like hair and “textured” waterproof skin, the Sun reported.

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Whoeever places the highest bid before the auction ends at the end of March will win a romantic night with the plastic babe in a posh hotel.

It includes a candlelit champagne dinner, an aromatic bath with rose petals, special lingerie for Valentina and a night in the presidential suite.

The package also includes all-expenses paid travel to and from Sao Paulo and a digital camera to film the ''special evening''.

The auction has been put on to promote the country’s first international blow-up doll convention. 

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