Big fat Indian wedding

Sep 28, 2012, 07:48 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Every now and then a marital alliance of considerable magnitude and repercussions sends seismic tremors through India's upper crust.

>> Every now and then a marital alliance of considerable magnitude and repercussions sends seismic tremors through India’s upper crust. And the upcoming marriage between the handsome Saddam Nabi Azad (son of the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Ghulam Nabi Azad with the billionaire real estate tycoon KP (DLF) Singh’s pretty granddaughter is one such.

The cumulative power and riches of both families and the influence they will wield once the marriage takes place is considerable.

KP Singh and Ghulam Nabi Azad
Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Ghulam Nabi Azad and (left) KP Singh

As considerable is the pile bought for his granddaughter and her future husband in the center of Lutyen’s Delhi by KP Singh. “It is huge and on very very prime real estate,” informs someone in the know. Considering KP had one of the most extravagant birthday weekends recently with Shakira performing at the Udaipur Palace Grounds, expect a big fat Indian wedding at the very least. This one’s certainly about Health and Family Welfare.

Byzantine intrigues
>> So why is the Marwari network abuzz with news about this high-profile and very stylish industrialist from within the community? Apparently though his businesses, which are household names, have been doing well on paper, leading lights within the community have been talking quite loudly about receiving calls from him and his mother in-law requesting loans to tide over a crisis. We are told it’s a temporary set back and we will soon be repaid they say. What people do not understand is why the industrialist does not turn for help to his famous and wealthy brother in law. After all, weren’t they rumoured to be pretty close until only recently? Well, according to an insider this appeal for a bail out cannot take place because said brother in-law has stopped speaking to the beleaguered industrialist ever since he was told that it was he who had spread rumours about his dalliance with show biz personality — news that caused substantial collateral damage and much eyebrow raising across the city. What’s even more shocking however, is that the person who is alleged to have spoiled the relationship of the brothers in-law is none other than the younger brother of the beleaguered industrialist. “It’s a highly complicated family,” said one source.

“None of the brothers get along with each other or with their brother in law. But until recently at least these two were on talking terms. Now even they don’t speak!” Just another day in Paradise for Mumbai’s movers and shakers!

Birthday Bumps
>> We loved him in Rockstar and adored him in Barfi and on Ranbir’s 30th birthday today, we along with the rest of the country wish one of India’s most talented actor a happy birthday. But along with the rest of the country, we too, wonder which special lady he’ll be sharing the day with.

Ranbir Kapoor with Katrina Kaif
Ranbir Kapoor with Katrina Kaif. 

Given that not even two weeks ago, he’d been spotted with Deepika at a private party in the presidential suite of a mid-town hotel and not even a week later had partied with Katrina at another do (along with Bollywood brats like Shahid and Varun Dhawan) at a suburban venue, Ranbir watchers are keenly waiting with their ears to the ground to pick up the latest indications of his love life.

Ranbir Kapoor with Deepika Padukone
The Kapoor star with Deepika Padukone 

Why so? Well when you’re young, hot, talented and one of the few remaining bachelor stars around in Bollywood and seem to have a hard time making up your mind — that comes with the territory.

Surrounded by beauties
>> Word has it that Sid Mallya has shot the first episode of the Kingfisher Calendar Model Hunt in Goa. Surrounded by six lovelies, the Mallya heir was to the manor born when it came to facing the camera and charming the young ladies.

Sid Mallya
Sid Mallya

Things seem to be all round looking up for the Mallyas: with FDI in aviation allowed industry watchers are hoping that the massive debts incurred by Kingfisher Airlines will be a thing of the past. The King of good times and the heir of good times will be flying high once again.

It’s all Greek!
>> This week we were supposed to be in Mykonos, Greece where the lovely Farrah Mehta was getting married. Sadly prior travel plans put paid to that trip.

The Mykonos islands in Greece
The Mykonos islands in Greece

However, according to a fellow guest, a delicious slice of Mumbai society is at the beautiful beach resort the haunt of the international jet set even as we write this. “Farrah and her family are very popular and well regarded and lots of her friends have flown down to be with her on her big day” We like!

The king and his consort
>> The escapades of this King of Page 3 have been keeping even the most overworked gossip writer burning the midnight oil. Ever since his last marriage went up in smoke only to be followed with stories of a rapprochement with his ex there’s been never a dull moment in his life if rumours are to be believed. The latest that’s got the city buzzing is that the amorous much married man is now dating the equally much married curvy socialite. Given that both parties have been in the news for being linked with completely different individuals as recently as a fortnight ago, on what are these rumours based? Apparently, the King and his alleged paramour have been making entrances together at various parties including a high-profile charity event at the Taj recently. If love doesn’t make Mumbai’s world go round, rumours certainly do! 

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