'Bigg Boss 10' Day 67: Lopa loses her cool with 'troublemakers' Priyanka, Om Swami

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On the 67th day of Bigg Boss 10, Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga stoop to a new low during fight with Lopamudra. What did Priyanka and Swami Om do that got even Bigg Boss enraged? Find out...

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 65
Manveer Gurjar (left) tries to calm down an agitated Lopamudra (extreme right) after her fight with Priyanka

After putting up with Priyanka’s extreme malevolence, the housemates wake up to the peppy beats of 'Punjabiyadi Battery'.

'Troublemaker' Swami Om is at it again. He steals eggs and chicken for himself. Bani complains to Lopamudra Raut, who is the house captain, about Om's behaviour. Lopa confronts Swami Om and the two get into a fight that escalates with Om passing an inappropriate comment about Lopa’s father. Lopa retaliates and the fight turns ugly.

Afterwards, a fight breaks between Manu Punjabi and Priyanka after the latter passes some personal comments about the relationship between Mona and him. This pisses Manu off, who takes on Priyanka. Swami Om joins in the fight and backs Priyanka by passing comments about Manu and his girlfriend. Manu then gets into an ugly spat with both Om and Priyanka. 

Later, in the kitchen, Mona and Swami Om are seen discussing Priyanka’s unjust behaviour and how it was wrong on Om's part to support her. Just when everyone thinks that Priyanka’s anger has subsided, a major fight erupts between Lopa and Priyanka.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 65
Lopamudra Raut (left) breaks down after her fight with Priyanka.

Lopa’s anger hits the roof after Priyanka’s remarks turn crass and immoral and she immediately demands to talk to Bigg Boss in the confession room. Lopa has a breakdown and she screams her lungs out in outrage while Manveer and Manu try to calm her down. Bigg Boss warns Priyanka to keep a check on her language and to not make harsh comments.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 65
Partcipants at the Bigg Boss house

Next, he takes control of the situation and speaks to Lopa in the confession room as she tries to gain composure.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 65
Bigg Boss warns Priyanka Jagga against using inappropriate language  

The housemates get a bit of a relief from the ongoing drama after Bigg Boss announces the 'Family App task' wherein they will get an opportunity to reunite with their near and dear ones. As per the task, a battery will be placed in the garden area that will be charged up to 100%. Bigg Boss will call the contestants one by one in the activity area and give them four options to choose from and meet their family members. The options provided by Bigg Boss are meeting in person, video message, written message or voice message. Every time a contestant chooses an option, the battery will go down by a certain percentage. Manu and Swami Om are made to be the batteries and they have to make sure that the app’s battery never drains out.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 65 
Bigg Boss participants have a good time with Priyanka Jagga's kids

The first one to go inside the activity area is Priyanka who gets an option to meet her kids. She decides to use 60% battery charge to meet her kids for 10 minutes. Her two children, Alex and Jermaine, enter the house and Priyanka bursts into tears. Keeping aside all their animosities, Lopa has a good time with the kids. 

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 65
Priyanka Jagga and her kids

The next one to be called inside the activity area is Gaurav who is given the option of either meeting his brother or speaking to him. He uses 27% battery to meet his brother for 2 minutes in the confession area. Gaurav’s happiness knows no bound after he sees his brother Raghav who advises him to take less stress and to keep going strong in the game.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 65
Gaurav meets his brother in the Bigg Boss house as a part of 'Family App task'

Mona is the next one to go inside the confession room where she is given several options to meet her boyfriend Vikrant. She starts crying and pleads Bigg Boss to let her meet him. Soon, Vikrant enters the house and gives a cold shoulder to Manu and Manveer. He immediately seizes the opportunity to clear his stand and tells everyone that he is not very comfortable with Mona and Manu’s closeness.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 65
Monalisa bursts in tears as she meets her boyfriend Vikrant

He also tells them that he used to like Manveer a lot but he doesn’t anymore after he made baseless comments about him. Before leaving, Vikrant tells Mona that he loves her very much and won’t leave her under any circumstances.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 65
Monalisa and Vikrant at Bigg Boss house

The day comes to a close with Rohan reuniting with his brother and spending a couple of minutes chatting with him in the confession room.

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