'Bigg Boss 10' Day 30: Manu threatens to remove Swami's clothes

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In today's episode of Bigg Boss, Manu Punjabi tells Swami Om that if doesn't surrender his clothes within five minutes, he will remove them and snatch it away from him

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 30: Manu threatens to remove Swami's clothesBigg Boss contestants during the task

With yesterday's open nominations creating a lot of havoc among the contestants leading to a hostile atmosphere in the house, the housemates wake up to the song 'Aap Ka Kya Hoga'.

But this morning is not like any other usual morning as the housemates find all their belongings missing from the house. Stunned by this move, they wonder what Bigg Boss has in store for them today. Clearing the confusion, Bigg Boss introduces the 'Lock down' luxury budget task where the contestants need to survive without their basic utilities including clothes, food and shelter and have to win them back through the task.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 30: Manu threatens to remove Swami's clothes

For the same, Bigg Boss keeps clothes and other essentials of the contestants in containers placed in the living area. Giving the task an authentic look and appeal, the housemates dress up like Nomads as they are provided with a piece of jute cloth to wear and a hearth to cook. They are also required to spend the entire night in the garden area and are only allowed to use the jail's washroom.

While Rohan and Monalisa are elected as the captains, the contestants are divided into teams with Rahul, Lopa, Karan, Bani and Lokesh being in Rohan's team and Gaurav, Manu, Manveer, Swami and Nitibha being in Monalisa's team. Whenever the gong bell rings, the captains along with one team member gets a chance to bring a maximum of 4 essentials at a time from the containers. But, for whatever essential they pick up, one point will be added to their kitty and the team with maximum points on their scoreboard loses the task. While most of the housemates decide to give up on their essentials, Karan, Nitibha and Swami refuse to compromise on few things and as a result , they gain points.

'Bigg Boss 10' Day 30: Manu threatens to remove Swami's clothes
Bigg Boss contestants

As Monalisa tries hard to convince Swami Om to give up on his clothes, he tells her that he doesn't consider her to be the team's captain and hence he won't listen to her. Irritated with Swami Om's behavior, Manu tells him that if doesn't surrender his clothes within five minutes, he will remove them and snatch it away from him. Swami Om, however, is seen supporting Rohan’s team and he gives him ideas to increase opposition team’s points. Amazed at Swami Om's move, Manveer refuses to give him food. Lopa and Rohan feel bad about this and serves him their share of food. Later, when Swami asks water from Rohan's team, Lokesh goes and tells Mona’s team to offer water to him. Annoyed with Lokesh for talking on his behalf, Nitibha taunts him by saying that he can ask for things himself and not use Lokesh as the medium.

Giving both the teams a fair chance to reduce their points, Bigg Boss introduces a new task where the challengers from each team need to finish an entire bowl of Rasgulla. Rahul and Manu are elected by their respective teams to participate in the task. Monalisa finds Karan using a pillow and informs his team that she will add points to their scoreboard since Rohan has broken the rules. While team’s captain

Rohan gives a befitting reply to Mona, they both get into a scuffle. Manveer also gets involved and they both have a massive fight. In the evening, Bigg boss gives the contestants another chance to reduce their points by introducing a task where two challengers have to drink Karela juice. The challenger who finishes the Karela juice first wins the task. Lopa and Gaurav are elected from the respective teams to compete in the task.

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With the housemates being deprived of their basic needs, what interesting turn will the show take from now on?

First Published: 16 November, 2016 08:18 IST

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