'Bigg Boss 7' Day 15:Gauahar-Kushal's love story is hot topic of discussion

Sep 30, 2013, 18:25 IST | A correspondent

A very concerned Kushal is seen consoling Gauahar as she is seen crying after Kamya's remark

The day starts on a very happy note for Andy as he was given his bag back and he was seen thanking Bigg Boss profusely. Later during the day, Andy was seen sitting with his best pals Sangram and Elli and was discussing his love life and his relationships with them.

Tutoring seem to be the new fad in the 'Bigg Boss' house. After Andy's English classes for Sangram, Asif was seen teaching Tanisha to speak in Bengali and they were also seen bonding with each other. During the later half of the day, Tanisha, Armaan, Shilpa and Anita were seen talking about Armaan while Armaan nicknamed Sangram as 'double dholki'. Gauahar starts crying after Kamya's remark that she will not accept tea from her while Kushal is seen consoling her.

Kushal consoling Gauahar as she cries
Kushal consoling Gauahar as she cries

Gauahar and Kushal's love story was the hot topic of discussion between Armaan, Pratyusha and Tanisha, where they disclosed how uncomfortable it becomes for the other housemates in their presence.

The day progresses to nominations, where this time Bigg Boss asks the housemates to give the names of two people that they want to save rather than eliminate. And this time both- heaven and hell-mates were asked to give the names. Later Bigg Boss announces that those contestants who got the least number of votes will be nominated for next week's evictions.

The day ends on a very musical note, where Ratan and Andy are seen singing 'ajeeb dastan hai yeh' and dancing on the song. The housemates are seen talking and discussing about who voted for whom and the numbeer of votes each contestant must have got.

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