'Bigg Boss 9' Day 10: Mandana Karimi fights with all housemates

Oct 22, 2015, 08:16 IST | A Correspondent

The Bigg Boss house will never be sans drama. After an eventful day who will be declared as the ultimate winners of the luxury budget task- zamindaars or workers?

At wee hour when the entire house is asleep, Suyyash and Prince are seen toiling at the Lagaan task to earn few extra brownie points. As people wake up to ‘Chakkar Ghumiyo’ they are dreading the thought of churning flour under the scorching sun.

Bigg Boss Day 10Rochelle Rao tries to reason with Aman Verma

Meanwhile, determined at dutifully meting out his responsibility, Arvind tries to keep a watch but falls asleep on the park bench. Rimi declares that she wants to give up because she has lost the will power to push herself through the task while others are in agreement with her. Tired by the arduous Lagaan task, the contestants are coming up with innovative techniques to win the task and end their ordeal. Rochelle and Mandana are trying hard to sustenance and continue with the task. At the same time, they also discuss how Yuvika is wasting too much time while making paranthas.

Bigg Boss Day 10Suyyash and Prince

Bigg Boss has a conversation with Keith about their performance after which Keith comes up with an idea of stealing coins from the pot. While everyone is contemplating this thought, Suyyash decides to opt out as he cannot betray his zamindaar girlfriend Kishwer. Taking this thought forward, Mandana and Keith let go off all inhibitions and steal the coins. Claiming that they are helpless and 'fugly', Mandana is chanting the slogan 'Zamindaar Murdabad, Fugly Log Zindabad'. She is also seen dancing with joy at the thought of winning against the zamindaars… or is it just the thought of seeing Kishwer in distress?

Bigg Boss 9Mandana stealing during the task - the act which led to her fighting with all housemates

At the same time, other contestants are guilty about stealing the coins from zamindaars as their conscience begins to prick them. As a team, the housemates arrive at a consensus of returning the coins to the zamindaars and also apologizing them. Mandana is evidently upset with this decision and insists on counting all the coins before returning them. Furthermore, the conversation takes a steep route and turns into a heated argument between Mandana and the other housemates. Furious and annoyed Mandana removes her belt and mike and throws it away mentioning that she is always on everyone’s radar in the house. Adamant about not losing the luxury budget at Mandana’s cost, housemates appeal to Bigg Boss to convince Mandana to follow the rules.

Bigg Boss Day 10

The never ending drama, fights and a boatload of backbiting takes a toll on Mandana and she falls ill to an extent that she is put on saline under doctor’s supervision. Looking at Mandana’s situation, vulnerable Rochelle breaks down and prays for her recovery. To everyone’s relief, Bigg Boss announces end of the task as the action-packed day comes to an end.

Bigg Boss Day 10Keith comforts an ill Mandana

A little too much or a little too less, but the Bigg Boss house will never be sans drama. After an eventful day who will be declared as the ultimate winners- zamindaars or workers?

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