'Bigg Boss 9' Day 18: Rimi Sen reveals her marriage plans

Oct 30, 2015, 08:00 IST | A Correspondent

In today's episode of 'Bigg Boss 9', while taking a break between tasks, Rimi opens up to Mandana and Yuvika about her personal life and discusses her marriage. Is she ready for it? Read to find out

Waking up to the song 'Chota Bachcha Jaan Ke', the housemates could only wonder what lies ahead of them. Being aware of the fact that how the Bigg Boss house begets unpredictability, Keith has a candid chat with Prince and tells him that he will always be by his side even if the rest of the house goes against him. Proving to be a pillar of strength for Prince, Keith also tells him that he considers Prince as his 'younger brother'.

On the other hand, Prince is seen sorting out his differences with 'sister' Kishwer. Clearing the air, Kishwer tells Prince that it was unfair of him to accuse her of being biased towards Suyyash. Prince tells her that they share a great bond and his tiff with Suyyash should not affect their friendship. 

Keith Sequeira consoles his girlfriend Rochelle Rao
Keith Sequeira consoles his girlfriend Rochelle Rao

Upset with Mandana's indifferent attitude, Rochelle cries in front of Keith. She tells that how Mandana has changed overnight and doesn't even acknowledge Rochelle's presence. Keith tells her that although she is right, this is only going to last for  a few months and soon they will be back to their normal life.

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task - 'Ssshh! Bachha Jag Jaayega'. This task requires all housemates to maintain absolute silence and only react when a chosen housemate is put through immense pain. The housemates are only allowed to talk after the activity is over. If any noise is made at all, the baby placed in the cradle will start crying and the housemates will lose points. The task begins when the red light switches on and ends when it stops flickering.

Prince Narula pours a bucket of ice on Digangana Suryavanshi
Prince Narula pours a bucket of ice on Digangana Suryavanshi as part of the luxury budget task

Mandana, who volunteers first, has a party hat string being repeatedly pulled and released on her chin. The second victim of the task is Digangana who braves an ice bucket challenge with not one, but five whole ice buckets poured over her head. Keith performs the third task which requires him to receive recurrent kicks on his posterior.

Keith Sequeira performs the luxury budget task which requires him to get kickedKeith Sequeira performs the luxury budget task which requires him to get kicked

Taking a break between the tasks, Rimi, Mandana and Yuvika spend some quality time and discuss about marriage, love and kids.

Is Rimi ready for marriage? Watch the video to find out...

Rimi also reveals that she has only had one relationship in her life that lasted for 8 years. She admits to being scared of even thinking about having her own children at this juncture.

Confident that she will not be evicted this week, Rimi tells Keith that she is not going to pack her stuff. Suyyash announces that Rimi is certainly going to win 'Bigg Boss 9'!

Later in the day, Vikas and Rochelle also complete the luxury budget task together successfully. They are required to stand at one end of a tennis table while a little girl hits their faces with tennis balls.

Rochelle Rao and Vikas Bhalla perform luxury budget task
Rochelle Rao and Vikas Bhalla perform luxury budget task 

Last but most certainly not the least, Suyyash is elected to do the most painful task. Suyyash required to sit on a chair silently as Yuvika waxes the hair on his legs. On completing the task, the housemates jokingly tease him as 'Nayi Naveli Dulhan'!

Suyyash Rai gets his leg waxed as part of luxury budget taskSuyyash Rai gets his legs waxed as part of luxury budget task

Having completed all the tasks successfully, the housemates are rewarded with a luxurious budget indeed!

As the day draws to an end, Keith realises that how Kishwer is not a bad person and her temper is just a result of the circumstances. Suyyash ,on the other hand, bonds with Mandana as he slowly starts understanding her better.

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